I’m Counting Down The Days – Romance Authors and Readers Event – RARE19 London

Hello Fellow Book-a-holics,

I don’t know if you remember, but back in July I told you that I’m attending my very first book signing event on Saturday 21st September. I’m going to RARE19 London! I can’t tell you how excited I am!

As you know my preferred reading genre is adult paranormal romance, adult urban fantasy and cozy paranormal mysteries, so after I got my ticket I scoured through the list of attending romance authors to come up with a list of who I wanted to see, chat to and get autographs from. Can you believe I was left with 23 names, most of whom I hadn’t read a single book?! Eek!

Lots has been happening over the past couple of months. I have been busy reading books by attending authors – amending my list as I go, removing authors that will no longer be attending 🙁 and those whose books I didn’t enjoy – and buying paperbacks, totes and other RARE merchandise!

I have written this post as I though that you’d might like to see how I’m getting on. I’ve highlighted those authors that I have already read in bold and linked up the book titles to my reviews; the books that are still in my TBR pile are in italics. Why does the TBR list feel so long?! I don’t think I’ve got the time to read all of them before Saturday now. 🙁

I am going to try to get as many signatures in my autograph book as I can from authors who write paranormal romance. The authors marked * are the ones where I have a paperback copy of their book (or books) to get signed too. 🙂

*Amelia Hutchins*Fighting Destiny (The Fae Chronicles #1), Taunting Destiny (The Fae Chronicles #2), Escaping Destiny (The Fae Chronicles #3), Unraveling Destiny (The Fae Chronicles #4) and Seducing Destiny (The Fae Chronicles #5)

These are the books I going to get Amelia to sign. 🙂

C.M. Stunich – Finding Never (Never Say Never #1) I know our main character here is a 16yr old girl but I’ve read reviews that say this is not a YA trope story.

Eve Langlais The Big Alpha in Town, In The Mood Fur Love, Thanks Fur Last, Night Crazy (Ella in Love #1)

Jenika SnowThe BEARly Controlled Grizzly (Bear Clan #1)

Karen Lynch – Relentless (Relentless #1)

Kelley ArmstrongBitten (Women of the Otherworld #1), Life Sentence: Two Tales of the Living Dead

Kristie Cook – A Demon’s Promise (Soul Savers #1), Havenwood Falls Collection

L.H. Cosway – Teagan’s Blood (The Ultimate Power #1)
M.J. Haag (a.k.a. Melissa Haag) – Depravity (A Beastly Tale #1)

Mina CarterPerfect Mate (Project Rebellion #1),

Montana AshWarden (Elemental Paladins #1), Paladin (Elemental Paladins #2), Chade (Elemental Paladins #3), Ranger (Elemental Paladins #4),

And here is the lovely book I’m going to get Montana to sign for me.

Stacey Marie Brown – Havenwood Falls Collection

Stephanie Hudson – Afterlife (Afterlife Saga #1)

T. S. JoyceSwim Deeper (Keepers of the Swamp #1), Wolf Bride (Wolf Brides #1), Most of her book are available for free through Kindle Unlimited

*Thea Harrison* – Dragon Bound (Elder Races #1), True Colors (Elder Races #3.5), American Witch

And here is the book I’m taking to get Thea’s signature in. 🙂

I’m only there from 12noon ’til 5pm but luckily the lovely organisers are producing a floor plan to help us attendees plot out our day so I’m hoping I’ll be able to plan out a sort of strategy. Have you ever been to one of these events, or one like it? Who would your unicorn be?

I will probably write up a post once I’m back home all about my experience, share my photos and tell you about any book swag I managed to get.

Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.


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  1. […] Wright has become one of my favourite authors since meeting her at RARE19 in […]

  2. […] Wright has become one of my favourite authors since meeting her at RARE19 in […]

  3. Thea Harrison is one of those authors who keep popping up on my recommendations but I still haven’t read any of her books!

  4. Beware Of The Reader says:

    Oooh you’ll have so much fun! One advice: strategize. Because you plan to see a lot of authors here and I’d say you may see half of them so really make a list with your top top and the second tier and then the rest.
    Second if you learn that some authors are ticketed, run to their lines the moment you arrive to take your ticket.
    Bring a trolley with you, not a backpack and wear sensible shoes.
    Last advice: have fun!
    PS I loved Stephanie Hudson and Amelia Hutchins

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