International Tiger Day 2020

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Hello my lovelies. Did you know that it’s International Tiger Day today? No, I didn’t either.

🐯 🐅 What is International Tiger Day? 🐯 🐅

International Tiger Day, also known as Global Tiger Day, is an annual celebration on 29th July to raise awareness for tiger conservation. It was created back in 2010 at the Tiger Summit held in St. Petersburg. I didn’t know there was a tiger summit either! The summit was co-hosted by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and the World Bank President Robert Zoellick. Who knew they’d be concerned about saving species and the environment, eh?! 😉

The goal of this Tiger Day is to promote a global system for protecting the natural habitats of tigers and to raise public awareness and support for tiger conservation issues.

🐯 🐅 Why do tigers need our help? 🐯 🐅

Tigers used to be a common sight across Asia’s wildlands, but they’ve all but disappeared from south-west and central Asia. Poaching and random trapping have helped shrink the tiger population. Meanwhile, around 100 people enter the illegal trade chain to Asia each year. According to some estimates, only around 3,800 tigers are thought to remain in the wild! Sadly, tigers are mostly found in captivity today with between 7,000 and 8,000 of these big cats held in tiger farms for breeding.

For more information, check out WWF (World Wildlife Fund)‘s website.

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However, Flora’s Musings is a book blog, not a lifestyle blog. Therefore, I’ve compiled a little collection of books, audiobooks and bookish gifts that have one thing in common. Yes, you’ve guessed it. TIGERS! 😉

Cute Bookish Gifts

Tiger Charm Bookmark. A beautiful silver bookmark with Tiger-eye beads.

Tiger Charm Bookmark by Sea Witch's Cavern on Etsy

Tiny Tigers Mini Clipboard. Handy to make a list of all those new books you want to buy.

Tiny Tigers Mini Clipboard by Jen Collins - Foyles

Tiger Tote. Cute bag to keep all your shiny new books in.

Read! Tiger Tote by Gibbs Smith - Foyles

‘The Tyger’ by William Blake. A great cushion for any poetry lover.

Cushion of The Tyger by William Blake - Literary Lodge on Etsy

📚 Fill those Bookshelves! 📚

Tigers Forever : Saving the World’s Most Endangered Big Cat by Steve Winter. Full of beautiful photos, this book is published by the National Geographic Society.

book cover for Tigers Forever by Steve Winter - The Book Depository

Steve Winter is a photographer for National Geographic and shares a decade worth of stunning images and stories of tigers in this book.

Sariska : The Tiger Reserve Roars Again by Sunayan Sharma. Sariska is a national park in Rajasthan, India, famous for its tigers. However, it lost every single one of its tiger population to poachers a decade ago. 

book cover for Sariska The Tiger Reserve Roars Again by Sunayan Sharma - The Book Depository

Sunayan Sharma was the field director of Sariska park during those fraught years. This book is filled with his experiences and how worked to save the park.

Stock those Kindles!

Tiger’s Eye Mysteries by Alyssa Day. This box set includes a prequel novella and the first two books.

Tiger's Eye Mysteries - Volume 1 by Alyssa Day - Kindle

This is an ongoing series about Jack Shepherd, a tiger shape-shifter and former soldier. There are currently 7 books in the series. I’ve got book 1 Dead Eye waiting on my Kindle and hope to read it this year.

Of course, if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription, you’ve got loads of tiger-ish books at your fingertips. 😉

If you live here in the UK, click below:

For my US followers across the pond, click this one:

🎧 For Audiobook Fans 🎧

Tiger Mates Shifter Romance Box Set by Felicity Heaton. Narrated by Eric G. Dove

audiobook cover for Tiger Mates by Felicity Heaton - Eternal Mates box set - Audible

This collection is an Eternal Mates Paranormal Romance Series bundle and contains books 12, 13 and 14. However, as Felicity is one of my favourite authors, I’ve read and reviewed these fantastic stories on my blog already.

Of course, again if you have an Audible membership, you get 1 credit a month. You can sign up for one directly from Audible. ⬇️

Or sign up through Amazon UK. ⬇️

Or sign up through Amazon US. ⬇️

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Well that’s it for my International Tiger Day post for this year. Thanks so much for staying with me and reading it.

I had lots of fun looking through my books shelves and browsing Etsy. Which tiger inspired books have you read?

I realise I don’t own anything with a tiger on it, yet. Do you? That cute tote bag is calling my name…

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Hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

Flora x

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