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Hello and welcome to my Friday Finds page.

I like to read. But I guess you know that. 😉 My favourite genre is paranormal romance, in case you haven’t noticed. Plus, I’ve also been known to curl up with the odd urban fantasy or paranormal cosy mystery too.

However, it’s a big wide literary world out there. I realised back in January 2019 that you, my dear followers, might be interested in books outside of my preferences. You could be trying to find recommendations and reviews about books from other genres.

I decided to compile a weekly post from other bloggers’ reviews that would help YOU find your next read. Ta!Da! My weekly Friday Finds post was born.

Anytime one of the lovely bloggers I follow posts a high rating review or book recommendation

Friday Finds – Reviews in my inbox

Hello my lovelies, I like to read (I know you know that) and my favourite genre is paranormal romance (yes, ...
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