Take phone out of pocket to make massage appointment.
Phone! Better check my email.
Why am I holding my phone…
Oh right that phone call.
Accidentally hit button for Tumblr instead out of habit.
Oh look, Tumblr! I’m going to read about UK politics.
…Wasn’t there something I was trying to do…?
Oh yeah phone call!
Can’t remember how to get to contact list.
Oh hey cat pictures!
…Wait, wait, I still need to do something…

This is why I pursued the possibility of ADHD, y’all. It’s like herding cats up in my head pretty much all the time.

(Now I’m legit going to make that call.)

…you’re not alone lol! 😉

By Flora

I'm in my late forties, my interests are varied but since menopause hit a few years ago, I find myself becoming a "grumpy old woman" all too frequently - where has my infinite patience gone!?! Lol!
I bought a Kindle in the summer of 2013 and haven't stopped reading since. If you want to know more about me, check out my blog -

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