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Hello Avid Readers. Today, I’m sharing my thoughts about Magical Midlife Love by K. F. Breene. The fourth book in her paranormal romance series, Leveling Up.

What’s Magical Midlife Love about?

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Magical Midlife Love (Leveling Up #4) by K.F. Breene #Review #PWF #2021AudiobookChallengeMy Rating:
Title: Magical Midlife Love by K. F. Breene
Series: Leveling Up #4
Published by Hazy Dawn Press on 23rd February 2021
Genres: Action & Adventure, Adult Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Fiction, Later in Life, Paranormal, Paranormal Romance (PNR), Paranormal Women’s Fiction (PWF), Romance, Shifters, Urban, Witchcraft
Narrator: Nicole Poole
Length: 10 hours 28 minutes
No. of Pages: 428

The fourth book in the Wall Street Journal best-selling Leveling Up series.

The Ivy House team is shaping up, but there are still holes to be filled and a magical summons outstanding. Jessie needs a teacher. Someone who can fit in with the whacky Ivy House crew. And that was going just fine...until she gets a request to host a powerful, neighboring mage.

A teacher isn't going to be enough. She needs more power in her crew. She needs some might.

This time, Austin Steele might not be able to dominate what she calls in, creatures no shifter has ever dominated before.

But that isn't all Austin has to worry about. After a skirmish in the bar, suddenly his whole world is turned upside down. He can no longer ignore the feelings that have been growing for Jess.

He also can't ignore the town's complete lack of readiness for the neighboring mage's visit. He must call in his brother to help lock down the town. And when his brother arrives, he must finally hash out the past that has split them apart so that he can claim his future.

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Magical Midlife Love is another book in the new reading genre, Paranormal Women’s Fiction (PWF). Visit my PWF page to find out more about this trend-setting genre.

What did I think about it?

A Wonderful Story That Ticked All My Boxes!

I love this series and K. F. Breene’s writing style. Her stories tick every box for me. An intelligent writing style that’s easy to read. Check. Protagonists with depth and credibility, personality traits that draw me in. Check. A great wealth of characters in the supporting cast. Check. Believable background story and setting with a plot that has a balanced mix of relationship, tension, action, humour and mystery. Check, check and check. I adored Magical Midlife Love.

Hollie Jackson is a wonderful narrator.

Hollie’s performance while reading this book brought the story to life. I liked the pace at which she read and the emotions she conveyed. There are some very unique characters in this book (series), and the voices she created for them all were impressive. Their personality shone through. The similarities between Austin and his brother, Kingsley, made me muddle them up. However, as brothers AND alphas I understand why their voices were so alike. Hollie transported me into each and every scene and I really enjoyed her performance.

As a menopausal woman within spitting distance of the big 5-0, I love that this series has an older protagonist and supporting characters. Jess is a woman who’s comfortable in her own skin and has the confidence of life experience behind her. However, I love how she’s growing into the world’s most powerful mage. The way Jess treats people hasn’t changed. Her love for her son and those around her is beautiful. But I especially loved how her slow-burn relationship with Austin progressed in this book.

Magical Midlife Love builds on the previous books.

The threads running through the series and the ones that began and ended in this one were enthralling. I loved listening to Jess stumble her way through the magical world; shifter and mage etiquette just as confusing and alien to me as it was to her. I rallied, laughed, cried and swooned along with her.

Be Warned: There are some amorous moments and darker scenes, including violence and scary-ass killer dolls.

I’d recommend Magical Midlife Love to adults who enjoy coming-of-age stories. Tales about older, independent, heroines and strong alpha heroes. With a generous helping of banter, humour and realistic issues for the over 40s within a paranormal adventure. This adventure has certainly left me wanting to listen to the next audiobook – Magical Midlife Meeting.

Keep reading to find out more about K. F. Breene, but first, a little info about this series.

Leveling Up by K. F. Breene

Books in the Series

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Keep reading to find out about K. F. Breene.

About K. F. Breene

Author - K.F. Breene

K.F. Breene is a Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Washington Post, Amazon Most Sold Charts and #1 Kindle Store bestselling author of paranormal romance, urban fantasy and fantasy novels. With over three million books sold, when she's not penning stories about magic and what goes bump in the night, she's sipping wine and planning shenanigans.

She lives in Northern California with her husband, two children and out of work treadmill.

And because this is a review for an audiobook, here’s the narrator’s bio, Nicole Poole.

About Nicole Poole

Narrator - Nicole Poole

Nicole Poole is a classically trained actor with equal passions for literature and improvisation. She has toured with the Royal Shakespeare Company, has been a member of the critically acclaimed Walter Thompson Orchestra for over fifteen years, and recently became a member of the Parisian groups SPOUMJ and Anitya. She is honored to have been recognized for her narration by an AudioFile Earphones Award, a Publisher's Weekly Listen-Up Award, and nomination for an Audie Award.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my thoughts, I really appreciate it. I hope I’ve sparked your interest and that you add this one to your groaning TBR piles. 😉  Find out why I love this genre so much and which bestselling authors are championing Paranormal Women’s Fiction.

K. F. Breene has written many stories that I loved. You can find her on my Favourite Authors page. Before you leave, check out which amazing authors I’ve mentioned as my favourites.

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