Monthly Wrap Up

May’s Monthly Wrap Up

Hello and welcome to my monthly wrap up post for May.

The weekends are the perfect time for me to sit back and catch up on life – both on and off the blog. Back in April 2019, I decided to write a monthly wrap up post at the weekend closest to the last day of the month. I can’t believe I’ve been writing these posts for over a year now! 😲🥳

I’ve been linking up to The Sunday Post which is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer and will carry on that tradition today. (See rules here: Sunday Post Meme)

So what have I been up to this month?

Well I assume my May has been pretty much the same as yours. 😷

The lowlight continued to be all about Coronavirus COVID-19 but at least now we can see the tight lockdown restrictions being eased. However, I am concerned about the sharp spike in cases and deaths. We still don’t have a vaccine! 😢

But I don’t want to dwell on the virus. The highlights for me this month included biting the bullet and going self-hosted! Eek! Flora’s Musings is still with WordPress, but now I’m blog hosted by ChemiCloud.

ChemiCloud logo image

It’s definitely been a learning curve, and I’m still no expert. However I’m enjoying the experience and love how freeing it is. Click their logo above and check them out. They’ve got a 65% sale on at the moment which means their plans start at just 2.76 per month! Thank you Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight for introducing ChemiCloud to me. 💜 I promise to write a post about my experiences, just give me a few months to get a handle on things.

💜💚💜 Hello lovely followers! 💜💚💜

As you might remember, this year I’m tracking my follower count. Flora’s Musings has now surpassed the 450 followers mark and, as I type this, there are now 452 of you! That’s flippin’ amazing! I’m now more than confident that we can reach (and surpass) the 500 mark before the end of summer.

However, now that I’m not with, Flora’s Musings won’t appear in your Reader. Reader is a free promoting platform that WordPress offer their .com hosted blogs. If you’re a WP blog, you may have already noticed that my posts haven’t been showing up in your Reader feed. However, 📧subscribing 📧 to my blog will make sure that you never miss a post. 😊

Total Follower @ Start of Month

Thank you to the lovely Kal for the use of her amazing Blogger Spreadsheets and graphics. And I also want to say a big THANK YOU to all of YOU. Knowing that you take the time to read my reviews, like and/or comment on my posts – it makes me all misty-eyed.

Posting The Usual Blogginess

I’ve taken part in the usual weekly tags and memes this month: Shanah’s Top 5 Tuesday , my Friday Finds and Billy’s Book Blogger Hop.

I really enjoy joining in with these weekly memes and try to return as many visits and comments as I can. Sorry if I’ve missed anyone this month.

I’m still linked up to Blog Lovin’, so if you’re part of that community too, I’d love it if you’d give me a follow and I can follow you back.

So what have I been posting here on my blog? Feel free to click on anything that you missed this month.

monthly wrap up header title image saying # Looking back on Flora's musings ~ in green

Paranormal Women’s FictionPWF for short – was launched in February this year. Check out the posts I’ve written already about this wonderful new reading genre. I’ll be writing more in the months to come.

Paranormal Womens Fiction P.W.F.

I love helping out independent authors who write in my favourite genres. So I’ve been sharing quite a few posts about a new competition – Book Bloggers’ Novel of the Year Award. It’s an amazing collaboration with The Folio Society and The Write Reads.

Entries have now closed which means that the first stage of reviews and voting will begin soon. 😉

You can check out my posts about the BBYNA by clicking the graphic below.

featured image BBNYA

I’ve been helping some wonderful authors spread the word about their 🥳New Releases 🥳

And taking part in some Blog Tours.

The Lasaran (Albebarian Alliance #1) by Dianne Duvall - Blog Tour organised by Author's Taproom (graphic 1)
~ Blog Tour ~

And, of course, this being a book blog, I shared my thoughts about some books I read:

~ Full Reviews and Mini Reviews ~

Moving forward, what can you expect from me in June?

monthly header title image of ~ Coming Up on Flora's Musings ~ in green
  • Celebrating more New Book Releases.
  • Hopefully some author interviews, cover reveals, book tours and spotlight posts.
  • More weekly Friday Finds, Top 5 Tuesdays posts and Book Blogger Hop questions answered.
  • and of course, lots of book reviews!
Monthly wrap up header image saying "My current reading challenges" image with notebooks

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I take part in the Goodreads Annual Reading Challenge but that’s not the only one I take part in. I thought that I’d use these regular wrap up posts to update you on my progress in all the challenges that I’m taking part in …

monthly wrap up header title saying ~ my current reading challenges ~ in green

Amazingly, I haven’t taken part in any new monthly reading challenges this month. BUT. I have signed up to two new annual challenges this year – Bloody hell, what was I thinking!! 😂 🤦‍♀️ 😂

🎧 2020 Audiobook Challenge 🎧

I’ve been listening to more and more audiobooks each year, so decided to take advantage of my growing addiction interest. 😉 Check out my progress on My Audiobook Challenge 2020 page.

Audiobook challenge 2020 graphic

🏁 Finishing The Series Challenge 🏁

This year, I’ve been lamenting over how many unfinished series are on my TBR pile. Therefore, I’ve joined the Celebrity Readers’ challenge to help. Check out my progress on Finishing The Series Reading Challenge 2020 page.

finishing the series reading challenge button for 2020
The ARCs on my Shelf image header title in green

Like so many of you, I use my blog to review ARCs (Advance or Early Reader Copy). Book, ebooks and audiobooks that I’ve received from authors or publishers both directly and through NetGalley. Check out my current ARCs calendar. I think my monthly commitments are looking good.

Image for ARCs on my shelf for May featuring Calsitos by Felicity Heaton and Flame by Donna Grant
~ ARCs Yet To Read ~
  • June Releases ~ Flame (30th)
  • July Releases ~ Calistos (28th
  • August Releases ~ nothing yet!
  • September Releases ~ nothing yet!
  • October Releases ~ nothing yet!

I’ve managed to stick to my NetGalley Plan! Limiting myself to only requesting a couple per month and trying to ensure the release dates are spread out. My ARC TBR pile is now happily under control! 😇

Thank you to the wonderful authors, publishers, tour organisers and NetGalley. The opportunity you give me to read books and feed my addiction is more than appreciated! 😉

monthly wrap up header title saying ~ A bit of randomness ~ in green

I love browsing the various groups I belong to as they always seem to have such great memes for every occasion. 😉 This is the one I’ve chosen for this monthly wrap up. I’ve had some REALLY good reads this month!!

I tried everything to get to sleep

Don’t forget to hop along to some of the other amazing blogs taking part in this week’s The Sunday Post.

What is the Sunday Post?

The Sunday Post is a chance for us to share news, to recap the past week on our blogs and showcase books and things we have received. To share with you what is coming up on our blogs for the week ahead and don’t forget, this meme is also the perfect opportunity to check out other bloggers and read some great blogs. So, once you’ve read my post, why don’t you hop along to some of the other amazing blogs taking part in this week’s The Sunday Post.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my monthly wrap up for May.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend, stay safe and healthy.

Bye for now.

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(13) Comments

  1. There’s so much going on as of lately, that it’s really hard not to think about anything else. Especially, everything this week. But, for myself and my family, I’m trying to keep my head up and think about the good. It’s not easy, but trying my best. By the way, congrats on the followers and your blog, so awesome to hear it thriving. <3

  2. Hosted wordpress is actually visible in the reader – to your followers, if you use the Jetpack plugin (it is free). Hosted wordpress is only invisible in the reader organically, to new people who don’t follow you. This is a common misconception 🙂 so you’re still visible to your followers if you use Jetpack!

  3. Congrats on being self hosted! I hope it’s been a smooth transition! The restrictions in my city for the virus have gone from complete lockdown, to half open, to a spike in cases and probably to another lockdown in the next few days. Things are very uncertain and scary right now. A vaccine can’t come soon enough ♡

  4. Rachel @Waves of Fiction says:

    Looks like your changes are a success! I’m not sure I’ll plug in Disqus on my blog as I had one of my regular bloggy friend tell me she won’t use it and I’d lose her wonderful comments.

    I enjoy Suzanne Wright, but haven’t read Taste of Torment. I need to continue with the Jim Butcher series. I listened to the first two but haven’t gone on. Followed on Bloglovin. 🙂

  5. Sounds like a great month. Hope June is good too! Take care and stay safe.

  6. Wow you’ve been doing very well! Good luck with the rest of your changes. I follow most people on Feedly now as that works best for me but I have email, Feedly and Bloglovin options on my blog. You are reading some great books. I hope to read more of the #PWF this summer.

    Anne – Books of My Heart Here is my Sunday Post   

  7. So many awesome books/series. Glad you are enjoying self hosting. I stalk you on all the

  8. Happy June!

  9. Sophie @BewareOfTheReader says:

    Congrats on the followers and biting the bullet with self hosting Flora! I see that all things considered you had a great reading month!

  10. I don’t like to dwell either, but life has just turned around 180 degrees!

    I’m so glad that over here, in The Netherlands there are almost no deaths anymore. I used to get notifications about 300+ people dying PER DAY. Awful!
    Over here things are opening back up, including the school where I work, so I feel like life is at least a little bit back to “normal”.

    I can’t do all the fun stuff I used to do, but just glad to be working again!

    I hope you’ll have a great reading month with loads of sunshine next month 🙂

  11. I’m concerned about a virus spike too as things open up. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen although it’s a scary (and very plausible) possibility!

    Congrats on self- hosted, and also on the followers! that’s awesome. Hope ChemiCloud works really well for you- sounds like a good solution.

    Take care this week and hope your reads are great!

  12. You have had a great month, and congrats on going self-hosted. I’m not ready for that; I may never be!

    I have six blogs on WP and I pay a fee for my website on WP, but I like having someone to fall back on when there are issues.

    Good luck, though! Enjoy…and congrats on the followers number, too.

  13. What a great reading/blogging month you’ve had! I was able to follow your new site, I think, through WordPress – at least it shows me following 2 Flora’s Musings sites. Glad you are enjoying .org. Definitely a learning curve involved

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