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My December 2021 Monthly Wrap Up – Festivities, Birthdays, & Bookish Fun!

Hello, my lovelies and welcome to my December 2021 monthly wrap up post.

What have I been up to this month?

It was my birthday!!! 🎉🎈 I’m now in the Fifty Club. 😘 I didn’t have a big party or celebrate with any pre-arranged event – I did, however, spend a wonderful day with Hubby and our daughters. It was lovely. Plus, we had the obligatory Chinese takeaway for our dinner. Yummy!

Christmas was certainly better than last year – we saw both sets of parents. Christmas day my folks came for lunch and on Boxing Day we had Hubby’s round.

Coronavirus COVID-19 is still lurking about and the new variant – omicron- is keeping us on our toes! Do you know anyone who has had it? I do, he’s very ill in hospital.😥 Here in the UK, our immunisation programme is getting an extra push, Vaccinations have been offered to everyone aged 12 and over.

  • First dose
    89.4% (51,425,763 people)
  • Second dose
    81.7% (46,965,009 people)
  • Booster or third dose
    47.2% (27,156,276 people)

My family and I have had all the doses offered. WoopWoop! The UK government are recommending that we all still take precautions, although there are still rumours of another National Lockdown.

In bloggish news…

Sorry about the sporadic blog hopping. I’m sticking to my screen schedule – it’s now a permanent thing. The number of ocular migraines (also referred to as retinal migraines) that I’ve had this month are minimal. Woop!Woop! The only downside is that I’m now not getting the time to visit and comment on all of your fabulous blogs. I do try to make it around to as many as possible within my allotted screen-time schedule. Sorry, if you haven’t seen a like or comment on yours for a while.

Affiliate Programmes

As bloggers, we’re continually bombarded with “make money from your blog“. In 2019 I wrote about my rather sceptical view of book bloggers being able to earn a living from our obsession hobby and my own lacklustre experience.

The Amazon Associate programme is never going to pay enough to cover my book-buying habit, so instead, I’ve joined the affiliate teams for the companies that make my book blogging experience a dream instead of a chore.

Self-hosting with ChemiCloud logo image

I love being a self-hosted blog with ChemiCloud and can’t recommend them enough. They’ve been quick to respond to my (many) queries and never make me feel like a tech-dummy. Go check them out. Their 50% discount means their plans start at just 2.99 per month! If you use my link, I’ll get a little referrer fee credited to my account. 💜 I want to thank the 202 of you that have already visited ChemiCloud using my link. Thanks for your comments and kind words.

Try Canva Pro for yourself

You may have noticed that I’ve also been looking at the graphics on my blog and across my social media accounts. I’ve been using Canva for a couple of years but recently upgraded to Canva Pro. I love it. The extras are AMAZING! 😉 If you use my link, I’ll get a little referrer fee for this too. 💜

Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin

I’ve been working through my existing reviews and adding the Ultimate Book Blogger plugin by Ashley @ NoseGraze to the posts. I love the plugin so much that I asked Ashley if I could be an affiliate! So again, if you use my link, I’ll get a little referrer fee which helps with the running costs of the blog. 💜

I’m not expecting to make my fortune being part of these affiliate teams, I’d just like to earn a couple of quid to buy some more audiobooks or eBooks to review for you.

Updating old posts is an ongoing process. However, it hasn’t been a priority these past few months due to my migraines. All of the reviews on the blog are SEO friendly. Thank you Yoast SEO plugin. 😉 However, there are still some older ones that I need to add to the UBB plugin.

Please continue to let me know if any pages, posts or links throughout Flora’s Musings either don’t open or you have problems with. Thanks.

What have I been posting?

Now on with the rest of my December 2021 monthly wrap up post. Feel free to click on anything that you missed this month.

Book Birthdays

Featured Image 1200x675 - AudioBook Birthday

I’ve been celebrating some wonderful New Releases this month.

[wrap-up-posts Category=”New Releases” month=”12″ year=”2021″]

🌍 Blog Tours 🌍

I love taking part in blog tours. This month I’ve enjoyed being a part of these fabulous tours.

[wrap-up-posts Category=”Blog Tour” month=”12″ year=”2021″]

📝Reviews 📝

And, of course, this being a book blog, I shared my thoughts about some stories this month:

Featured Image - Flora Reviews... Archive Review
~ Reviews ~

[wrap-up-posts category=”Reviews” month=”12″ year=”2021″]

What other bookish bits and bobs were on the blog this month? 😉

[wrap-up-posts category=”Lifestyle” month=”12″ year=”2021″]

That’s it for my festive December 2021 Monthly Wrap Up. However, moving forward, what can you expect from me during the first month of the new year – January?

~ Coming up on Flora’s Musings ~

  • Celebrating more New Book Releases.
  • Hopefully, some author interviews, book tours and spotlight posts.
  • and of course, lots of reviews!

~ My Current Reading Challenges ~

My Current Reading Challenges (3)

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I take part in the Goodreads Annual Reading Challenge but that’s not the only one I take part in. I thought that I’d use these regular wrap up posts to update you on my progress in all the challenges that I’m taking part in …

2021 Audiobook Challenge

Last year I joined the 2020 Audiobook Challenge. I enjoyed it so much that I signed up again this year.

Featured Image 1200x675 - 2021 Audiobook Challenge

Audiobooks have become my main format since reducing my screen time this year. I had already achieved my original goal of 50+ audio listens earlier in the year, so I decided to try to reach the 75+ level. Did I make it? Check out my Audiobook Challenge 2021 page to find out! 😘

I’m linking up to The Sunday Post – a weekly meme hosted by the lovely Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer.

Caffeinated Reviewer - Sunday Post Meme Image

(See rules here: Sunday Post Meme)

Don’t forget to hop along to some of the other amazing blogs taking part in the Sunday Post.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my December 2021 monthly wrap up post.

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I hope you enjoy the rest of your day, stay safe and healthy.

Bye for now,

Flora x

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12 replies on “My December 2021 Monthly Wrap Up – Festivities, Birthdays, & Bookish Fun!”

Hope you had a great birthday, Christmas and that you’ll have a lovely NYE! My mum’s friend has omicron and she is on day 11 of feeling really dreadful. So many people have it now, it’s like the government want herd immunity and we have hardly no restrictions! ❤

Thanks, Caro. Yeah, herd immunity was Boris’ wish way back at the start. Restrictions will be lifting in a few days. Stay safe.

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