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My P to T List of Recommended Authors ~ Top 5 Tuesday

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Last year, I sporadically joined in with Top 5 Tuesday, a weekly meme hosted by Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm. Luckily, Shanah comes up with the topics a month at a time so that we’ve got some thinking space. I’ve actually managed to think about this week’s topic and gone all out. *yeah me!* 🙂

If you’re interested in participating in Top 5 Tuesday, all you have do is write up your post and pingback to one of Shanah’s posts. Make sure you pingback to one of her posts and not just her blog so she can add you to the list of participants.

This month, Shanah is doing something different. TOP 5 TUESDAY – AUTHORS FROM A-Z SERIES!

Top 5 Tuesday – Authors From A-Z Series!

Without authors, we wouldn’t have books. And this is the perfect time to spotlight some well loved authors!! I’m always on the lookout for new authors so I have a feeling this is going to increase my already suffocating TBR! lol!

Shanah ~ Bionic Book Worm

The lovely Shanah is letting us choose how we make our lists: just authors first names or last names or even a mixture of both. So, I’m taking the easy option and using the letter prompts for either. 😉

This is our forth week, so today I’ll be recommending some authors whose names start with: P, Q, R, S and T (Not going to lie – Q was tricky!)

I’ve linked the images to my reviews, where you’ll find all the information about the books, purchase links and lots of other fun stuff too. All my links open in a new tab so that you don’t lose your place here. OK, so without further ado, on to this week’s list of A To Z Of Authors

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Author P ~ Pippa DaCosta

~ Pippa DaCosta ~

Pippa DaCosta was born in Kent, UK and is a USATODAY bestselling, two-time DragonCon Award Finalist, and Amazon Breakthrough Novel semi-finalist hybrid author. Before securing a traditional publisher, she published the Veil Series (a x5 book urban fantasy series) independently in 2014. Pippa is traditionally published with Bloomsbury and Random House Germany. Her work has been featured in the Galaxy Chronicles anthology, part of the Future Chronicles series. Pippa continues to independently and traditionally publish fantasy and science fiction. Her books have been downloaded, bought and listened to over 1,000,000 times. 

​Pippa also writes as Ariana Nash. She lives in Cornwall, England. 

— “Wait a second. Let’s cut to the chase. I write kick-ass urban fantasy & sci-fi novels with conflicted characters, breathless action, and no-holds-barred dialogue. My books may not leave you feeling all fluffy and warm inside, but they will excite you. There will be plot-twists, angst, probably a few dead bodies, and very likely your favorite character will turn out to be the bad guy. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…”

Pippa DaCosta

Pippa is one of those pesky authors that can truly surprise me – main characters can die, villains can save the day and the apocalypse isn’t prevented. I haven’t read every book that Pippa’s written but I’ve loved the Chaos Rises trilogy and The Veil series and recommend them to anyone who loves urban fantasy.

The Veil Series complete box set by Pippa DaCosta
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Author Q ~ ??

I’ve come across my third stumbling block during this month-long meme. I haven’t got any books on my shelves written by an author whose first OR last name begins with a Q. I did a quick author search on Amazon and only found 10 authors that would qualify but I’m not going to read a book just for this meme. 😉

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Author R – Stephanie Rowe

Author Stephanie Rowe
~ Stephanie Rowe ~

Hailed as a “paranormal star!” by J.R. Ward, four-time RITA® Award nominee and Golden Heart® Award winner Stephanie Rowe is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than forty-five novels.

A life-long reader, she began crafting stories at age ten, but didn’t realize it was her dream until she was an adult. Once the light dawned, she immediately left behind “work” as the world defines it and went to “work” as she defines it, which means getting up every morning with a smile in her heart so she can spend the day doing that which makes her spirit sing.

Stephanie believes in learning to listen to your heart in order to figure out what your dreams are, and then opening yourself to the inspiration that will direct you there. She believes we all deserve the right to enjoy life, and for the ride to be as easy as we want it to be, and that we all should accept nothing less than making our dreams come true.

Stephanie lives in New England, and spends every day doing her best to fill it with people, observations and activities that uplift her soul, which include writing, tennis, dancing, friends, and her amazing family.

Now I must admit, I haven’t read a book written by Stephanie Rowe for a couple of years but I devoured her Order of the Blade series as well as a few of her other standalone titles and first-in-series books. I’ve written my thoughts about her books that I’ve read on Goodreads, but writing this post, I realise that I didn’t publish them here on my blog. I will try to rectify that this year. 😉

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Author S ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon

~ Sherrilyn Kenyon ~

New York Times and international bestselling author Sherrilyn Kenyon is a regular at the #1 spot. With legions of fans known as Paladins (thousands of whom proudly sport tattoos from her series and who travel from all over the world to attend her appearances), her books are always snatched up as soon as they appear on store shelves. Since 2004, she had placed more than 80 novels on the New York Times list in all formats including manga and graphic novels. Her current series are: Dark-Hunters, Chronicles of Nick and The League, and her books are available in over 100 countries where eager fans impatiently wait for the next release. Her Chronicles of Nick and Dark-Hunter series are soon to be major motion pictures while Dark-Hunter is also being developed as a television series.

I can’t believe I came so late to Sherrilyn’s books! She was due to attend RARE19 in London, so I bought the first five books in her Dark-Hunters series. Unfortunately, she had to cancel so I never got to meet her or get my books signed BUT wow what a series: I’m loving it! Dance with the Devil has been my favourite book to date and I didn’t want it to ever end. It’s an exciting read that brought out ALL my emotions! Sorrow, fear, indignation, apprehension, joy and passion. I was gripped from cover to cover and when it ended, I was bereft and inconsolable. 😭

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Author T ~ Teresa Gabelman

Author Teresa Gabelmen
Teresa Gabelman

Teresa Gabelman is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the ‘Protectors Series‘. When not writing about sexy alpha vampires and the women who drive them crazy she can be found on a lake with a fishing pole/Kindle, at a MMA event or spending a fun evening with family.

Being a full-time writer has allowed Teresa to connect more with readers which is what she loves most about writing. If you find the time she would love to hear from you!

OMG, I can’t tell you how much I LOVE Teresa’s writing style!! She is AMAZING! Her paranormal romance books all have amazing female characters with all the personality traits that I crave. The plots have gritty story arcs that feel more urban fantasy but always draw out ALL my emotions because I get so involved. The Protectors series is my favourite and I have read most of the books more than twice! 😉

The Protectors series by Teresa Gabelman
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Well, that’s it for me this week but what about you? Have you read anything by these authors? Which authors would be in your list? I’d love to know.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my post. Now that you’ve read mine, why not hop along to some of the other amazing blogs taking part in this week’s Top 5 Tuesday.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your week, stay safe and virus-free and read (or listen to)some fantastic books.

Bye for now. x

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Hahahah Flora, Q was also hard to find! I love that you are sticking to your favorite genre and able to find (most of) the authors!

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