My Review Policy

Thank you for checking out my review policy.

As from January 2021, I only review 🎧 audiobooks.🎧

Reading has always been a passion of mine. Due to health issues, I’ve migrated to audiobooks to get my fix. 😘 I share my reviews to help fellow book-a-holics find another book to add to their already overflowing shelves. Hopefully, I can introduce them to their next favourite listen, a new-to-them narrator or author!

As this is a blog all about audiobooks, you’ll know that I review the audios I listen to. Some of the reviews you’ll find in my archives are my thoughts about ALCs (Advanced Listener Copy). Audiobooks that I’ve received from authors, publishers and PR companies. You can find my details on NetGalley and BookSirens, although I no longer use those sites.

When I review an audiobook, I add links to the author’s website and social media accounts in my post. This allows my followers to be able to go directly and connect with the author themselves.

Genres Accepted:

Adult paranormal romance, urban fantasy and paranormal mysteries, including novellas and short stories.

I do NOT listen to stories within the children’s, middle grade, teen or young adult age range.

Full manuscripts only, NOT partially completed. If you are looking for a manuscript assessment or critique, I recommend Kim @ Brockway Gatehouse. She is fabulous! 💚

How do I rate the books I read?

I use a star rating that follows the Goodreads system. Five stars being the top and one star indicating that I didn’t like the book.

When I review, I’m looking for how a story was told more than the content of the plot. Therefore, all my reviews are spoiler-free.

Where can you see my reviews?

A link to my reviews is posted on many platforms. Including:

What ARCs Have I Previously Read?

It has been my privilege to have reviewed many amazing stories. Click HERE to see them all.

Want me to review YOUR book?

After reading my review policy, if you’d like me to listen to your audiobook, please use the form below. If you need it reviewed by a certain date, please remember to let me know in the message section.

Thank you.

3 replies on “My Review Policy”

Thank you, Flora. I hope you enjoy my debut novel, BEHIND THE FOURTH WALL, coming out on January 13th. While I’d love an early review, please take your time and enjoy the story. It’s hard to pinpoint the genre. I’m calling it a “Psychological Drama” but it includes a bit of Paranormal, Family Relations, Romance, and some Mystery/Suspense. Perhaps you may have a better idea once you’ve read it. Happy Holidays, Michael

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