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My Top 10 Books of 2021 ~ Great stories that took my breath away!

Hello, my lovelies. This is the first year that Flora’s Musings is taking part in the end of year meme – Top 10 of 2021 – hosted by the lovely Anne @ Books of My Heart. Today, I’m be sharing my Top 10 Books of 2021 with you all.

But first, if you don’t know what the Top 10 meme is all about, let me step aside and let Anne tell you:

MEME-Top10-2021 Hosted by Books of My Heart

I’ve seen other blogs have this feature some years earlier and when they stopped I started doing my own version.   Feel free to grab the graphic.   You can join one day or all the days.  Here is the schedule for this year; I hope you will share your picks with us!

Link up so we can see everyone’s favorites:

  • Monday, December 20th – Top 10 Books of 2021 (favorite reads in 2021, read and published in 2021)
  • Tuesday, December 21st  – Top 10 Audiobooks of 2021 (favorite audiobooks both published and read in 2021)
  • Wednesday, December 22nd – Top 10 Book Covers of 2021 (favorite book covers from 2021)
  • Thursday, December 23rd – Top 10 Book Characters of 2021 (favorite book characters from books published in 2021)
  • Friday, December 24th  – Your Top 10 choice: Narrators,  Couples, New to Me, Favorite Quotes, Series, Books I Meant to Read in 2020,  or your own idea
  • Saturday, December 25th  – Top 10 Books I Want in 2022

Anne @ Books of My Heart

My Top 10 Books of 2021

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As I write this, Goodreads tells me that I’ve read 79 books this year! A total that I’m very proud of. Of those 79, only nine are print or ebook. Lol! It’s gonna be a short list, folks. 😂 However, I’ve had a very fortuitous year and of those nine books, I absolutely loved seven of them!

In no particular order:

Each one of these books blew me away. They ticked all of my boxes: gripping plots, fantastic characters and no cliffhangers!

Have you read any of these? Which print or ebooks would make it onto your top 10 of 2021? Drop me a comment below.

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10 replies on “My Top 10 Books of 2021 ~ Great stories that took my breath away!”

Thanks for sharing your Top 10 Books. I’m really enjoying reading everyone’s choices. As a fiction editor, it’s nice to see books I’ve worked on appearing on blogger’s lists too. Glad you enjoyed Amanda Cadabra and The Strange Case of Lucy Penlowr. x

Haven’t read these, but definitely curious about the Bear books. Looks like you had a good year with a great series of books! I am not doing a Top 10 this year, instead I sorted my 5+ starred reviews in categories and made posts of those which will come in the last week of the year.

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