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November 2020 Monthly Wrap Up

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Hello, my lovelies and welcome to my November 2020 monthly wrap up post.

What have I been up to this month?

Coronavirus COVID-19 is still sweeping the globe with second and third flair-ups. Here in England, we’ve been on our second lockdown to try to reduce the contagion level of the virus. It hasn’t been a complete lockdown this time, with many sectors remaining open.

School Christmas holidays are less than 3 weeks away, so we’ve been beavering away getting the kids caught up to where they should be academically.

Our eldest daughter had her 18th birthday a couple of weeks ago. Where the bloody hell did all those years go?! 😉 Due to restrictions, we didn’t do anything BIG for her but will make up for it when we can. Luckily she’s not a fan of big parties so hasn’t complained or felt hard-done-by. 😉

Affiliate Programmes

As bloggers, we’re continually bombarded with “make money from your blog“. In 2019 I wrote about my rather sceptical view of book bloggers being able to earn a living from our obsession hobby and my own lacklustre experience.

The Amazon Associate programme is never going to pay enough to cover my book-buying habit, so instead, I’ve joined the affiliate teams for the companies that make my book blogging experience a dream instead of a chore.

Self-hosting with ChemiCloud logo image

I love being a self-hosted blog with ChemiCloud and can’t recommend them enough. They’ve been quick to respond to my (many) queries and never make me feel like a tech-dummy. Go check them out. Their 50% discount means their plans start at just 2.99 per month! If you use my link, I’ll get a little referrer fee credited to my account. 💜 I want to thank the 202 of you that have already visited ChemiCloud using my link. Thanks for your comments and kind words.

Try Canva Pro for yourself

You may have noticed that I’ve also been looking at the graphics on my blog and across my social media accounts. I’ve been using Canva for a couple of years but recently upgraded to Canva Pro. I love it. The extras are AMAZING! 😉 If you use my link, I’ll get a little referrer fee for this too. 💜

Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin

I’ve been working through my existing reviews and adding the Ultimate Book Blogger plugin by Ashley @ NoseGraze to the posts. I love the plugin so much that I asked Ashley if I could be an affiliate! So again, if you use my link, I’ll get a little referrer fee which helps with the running costs of the blog. 💜

I’m not expecting to make my fortune being part of these affiliate teams, I’d just like to earn a couple of quid to buy some more audiobooks or eBooks to review for you.

While I’m at it, I’m also making my reviews SEO friendly with the help of the Yoast SEO plugin. All this behind-the-scenes maintenance is time-consuming, so I apologise for my lack of communication and engagement with tags and memes. However, I’ll be all finished by the end of the year ready to start 2020 with a more efficient site.

While I’m making all these changes, please let me know if any pages, posts or links throughout Flora’s Musings either don’t open or you have problems with.

💜💚💜 Hello lovely followers! 💜💚💜

Thank You - My Follower Count 475+

As you might remember, this year I’m tracking my follower count. Flora’s Musings has now surpassed the 475 followers mark and, as I type this, there are now 483 of you! That’s flippin’ amazing! Once I’ve completed my behind-the-scenes maintenance, I’ll be better at returning comments and joining in with the blogging community fun!

What have I been posting?

Now on with the rest of my November 2020 monthly wrap up post. Feel free to click on anything that you missed this month.

Book Birthdays

I’ve been celebrating some wonderful 🥳 New Releases 🥳

I’ve been sharing a few bookish bits and bobs this month. 😉

I’ve also been ❤️ loving ❤️ the fun tags, mems and awards around the blogosphere by my fellow book bloggers. 😉

No posts found.

That’s it for my November 2020 Monthly Wrap Up. However, moving forward, what can you expect from me in the festive month of December?

~ Coming up on Flora’s Musings ~

  • Celebrating more New Book Releases.
  • Hopefully some author interviews, cover reveals, book tours and spotlight posts.
  • and of course, lots of book reviews!
My Current Reading Challenges (2)

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I take part in the Goodreads Annual Reading Challenge but that’s not the only one I take part in. I thought that I’d use these regular wrap up posts to update you on my progress in all the challenges that I’m taking part in …

~ My Current Reading Challenges ~

My time has been spent on the behind-the-scenes admin for Flora’s Musings, therefore, I haven’t taken part in any new Goodreads group reading challenges. BUT. I have signed up to two annual challenges this year outside of Goodreads. Bloody hell, what was I thinking!! 😂 🤦‍♀️ 😂

🎧 2020 Audiobook Challenge 🎧

Audiobook challenge 2020 graphic

I’ve been listening to more and more audiobooks each year, so decided to take advantage of my growing addiction interest. 😉 I think I’ve been doing quite well so far. Check out my progress on My Audiobook Challenge 2020 page.

🏁 Finishing The Series Challenge 🏁

finishing the series reading challenge button for 2020

This year, I was lamenting over how many unfinished series were on my TBR pile. Therefore, I joined the Celebrity Readers’ challenge to help. Check out my slow but steady progress on Finishing The Series Reading Challenge 2020 page.

~ The ARCs Still On My Shelf ~

Like so many of you, I use my blog to review ARCs (Advanced or Early Reader Copy). Book, ebooks and audiobooks that I receive from authors or publishers. I’m registered on NetGalley and I’ve just signed up to BookSirens. Do any of you get books from BookSirens?

Check out my current ARCs calendar. I think my monthly commitments are looking good.

Pinterest Pin - ARCS on my shelf - November 2020 Wrap-up
~ ARCs Yet To Read ~
  • November Releases ~ Keras (24th)
  • December Releases ~ The Garden of Promises and Lies (15th)
  • January Releases ~ nothing yet!
  • February Releases ~ nothing yet!
  • March Releases ~ nothing yet!
  • April Releases ~ nothing yet!

Have you read any of these books? Drop me a comment and we’ll chat.

I’ve managed to stick to my ARC Requests Plan! Limiting myself to only requesting a couple per month and trying to ensure the release dates are spread out. My ARC TBR pile is now happily under control! 😇

Thank you to the wonderful authors, publishers, tour organisers, BookSirens and NetGalley. The opportunity you give me to read books and feed my addiction is more than appreciated! 😉

I’ve been linking up to The Sunday Post which is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer. Today, I’m also linking up to the Monthly Wrap-Up Round-Up co-hosted by the fabulous Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction and Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight.

(See rules here: Sunday Post Meme ¦ Monthly Wrap-Up Round-Up)

Don’t forget to hop along to some of the other amazing blogs taking part in the Sunday Post and Monthly Wrap-Up Round-Up.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my November 2020 monthly wrap up post.

signature graphic. Happy reading from flora image sitting on books

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day, stay safe and healthy.

Bye for now.
Flora x

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(13) Comments

  1. Danielle Hammelef says:

    Right now I’m enjoying the snowflakes falling on your page as well as outside my own window. You had an awesome book month for reading as well as posting on your blog. We are still partially shut down here (restaurants can’t have indoor dining and high schools and colleges are all virtual). Happy Christmas!

    1. Thanks Danielle. I don’t think we’ll get snow here for Christmas in the south of England, so I thought at least my blog could frolic in the snow.

  2. Thanks for the link to my non fiction pairing post – that’s so sweet of you.
    Well done on moving to a self hosted platform, Ive toyed with the idea for so long but keep thinking a) it could mean a lot of work b) would it mean I lost some of my followers??

    1. Flora says:

      You’re welcome. It was a really good post.
      ChemiCloud have made the switch really painless. I signed up to their WordPress plan ( I haven’t lost any followers as you can migrate followers to a new site with a click.

  3. Looks like you had a productive reading month. I am a series reader too. I should look into that Finishing the Series Challenge.

    Glad you were able to celebrate your daughter’s birthday in a meaningful way even with the restrictions. They grow up so fast.

    Have a great December!

    1. Flora says:

      Thanks Gretchen. Lol! I’m definitely doing Finishing The Series challenge again next year.

  4. Busy, busy, busy! Happy birthday to your daughter. Happy December too!

  5. I love, love, love Canva Pro. That and Grammarly are the tools I use the most for my blog. They are both well worth the monthly fee. ❤️

    1. Flora says:

      Hi Tessa. Thanks for visiting again. I’ve only got the freebie Grammarly to test it out before buying. How long have you been using it?

      1. At least a year. I really saw a big difference in my pieces since I started using it. It helps me make them more active as I have a habit of writing in passive voice. It also notices if I get too negative, which is a god thing.

        1. Flora says:

          Yeah, I’m the same – passive writer. Yeost mentions it all the time but I haven’t cracked the active skill yet.

          1. Grammarly can help 🙂

          2. Flora says:

            Thanks Tessa x

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