On My Way (Midlife Mulligan #2) by Eve Langlais #PWF #2021AudiobookChallenge

Hello, fellow bookworms. Today, I’m sharing my thoughts about On My Way by Eve Langlais. The second book in her paranormal women’s fiction series, Midlife Mulligan.

What’s On My Way About?

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On My Way (Midlife Mulligan #2) by Eve Langlais #PWF #2021AudiobookChallengeMy Rating:
Title: On My Way by Eve Langlais
Series: Midlife Mulligan #2
Published by Self-Published on 16 July, 2020
Genres: Fiction, Thrillers, Supernatural, Mystery & Detective, Cozy, Romance, Later in Life, Paranormal, Witchcraft, Fantasy, Urban, Contemporary
Narrator: Nicole Poole
Length: 6 hours 32 minutes
No. of Pages: 233

I think my midlife crisis is trying to kill me.

First my ex-husband, who tried to murder me, escapes prison. Then a tree falls on my car - with me in it! Add in a haunting at my new shop, plus a house that's suddenly infested with monsters, and I am in serious need of intervention - or a few drinks. Maybe then I'll understand how I'm able to do magic and see things no one else can.

But it's not all bad. I'm dating someone for the first time in twenty years and remembering what it's like to feel that anticipation before a kiss.

At the same time, maybe I should hold off as the weirdness in my life takes monstrous shape – literally - and I can't help but realize that magic is real. I truly am a witch and I know something bad is coming. Even scarier? I might be the only one who can stop it.

My poor little town is so screwed.

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Review Format: Audiobook, eBook
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What is Paranormal Women’s Fiction?

13 amazing paranormal romanceurban fantasy and paranormal cozy mystery authors teamed up in 2020 to write books where the protagonists are women in their 40s or older. Paranormal Women’s Fiction (PWF) was born! Since then more authors are adding their books to the PWF genre. As a menopausal woman within spitting distance of the big 5-0, I’m overjoyed that this new genre is gaining momentum and can’t wait to buy them all!

Now, on to my review…

What did I think?

A Thrilling Mystery With A Dash of The Unexplained

I’ve really enjoyed the Midlife Mulligan books so far. I found them both very easy to read and like the premise. The plot in both books have had enough mystery to keep my Miss Marple tendencies happy. Not everything mysterious is supernatural.

Nicole Poole is a fabulous narrator.

I love the pace she reads the book and her skill at drawing out the appropriate emotions for each scene. Nicole has a good variety of voices and accents that she can apply to the different characters. I was never confused who was speaking during scenes with conversations between any number of characters.

I love the concept of the Paranormal Women’s Fiction genre.

All the female protagonists are over 40yrs old. Woohoo! At last. That’s not to say younger women won’t enjoy it or connect to her. After all, being single again after a long term relationship ends is tricky for all of us. As is recovering from a toxic relationship and finding yourself again. However, as a menopausal woman within spitting distance of the big 5-0, I loved how true-to-life Naomi’s issues were.

I could connect with our protagonist, Naomi, and felt her situation to my core.

Although she didn’t start off as a traditional badass heroine, On My Way has seen her grow in confidence. I have a feeling that she’ll end up being a great badass by the end and exhibit all the traits I love. At times, Naomi’s thoughts, stubbornness and actions frustrate me. However, I’ve learned that these traits are very common in women who’ve been in long term situations like Naomi’s.

On My Way is a well-balanced story.

There’s some dry humour, lots of mysteries, a thriller feel as well as relationship threads woven throughout. The story is primarily a second-chance women’s fiction with the hint of the supernatural. On My Way doesn’t end on a perilous life-or-death cliffhanger (woo!hoo!). However, there is a teasing interlude and epilogue that dangle a tantalising hook to keep you reading the series. I can’t wait to listen to the next one. 

Keep reading to find out more about this series and its author.

Midlife Mulligan by Eve Langlais

A Paranormal Women’s Fiction novel for anyone who thought adventure and magic stopped at forty. Guess again, it’s just the beginning.

Books in the Series

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As promised, here’s Eve’s bio.

About Eve Langlais

Author - Eve Langlais

Hello, my name is Eve Langlais and I am an International Bestselling author who loves to write hot romance, usually with werewolves, cyborgs or aliens.

I should warn you, I have a twisted imagination and a sarcastic sense of humor something I like to let loose in my writing. While well known for my shifter stories, I am also extremely partial to aliens, the kind who like to abduct humans and then drive them insane...with pleasure. Or do you like something a little darker, more serious? Then check out my cyborgs whose battle with humanity have captivated readers worldwide.

If you'd like to know more, read some excerpts or find out what I’m working on, then please visit my website or sign up for my newsletter at . I am also extremely active on Facebook.

And because I love Nicole’s performance so much, here’s her bio too.

About Nicole Poole

Narrator - Nicole Poole

Nicole Poole is a classically trained actor with equal passions for literature and improvisation. She has toured with the Royal Shakespeare Company, has been a member of the critically acclaimed Walter Thompson Orchestra for over fifteen years, and recently became a member of the Parisian groups SPOUMJ and Anitya. She is honored to have been recognized for her narration by an AudioFile Earphones Award, a Publisher's Weekly Listen-Up Award, and nomination for an Audie Award.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my thoughts about On My Way. I really appreciate it. I hope I’ve sparked enough interest that you’ll check it out for yourself. 😉

Before you go, find out why I love this genre so much and which bestselling authors are championing Paranormal Women’s Fiction.

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