Ostara (Spring Song) by Lisa Thiel

I love Lisa Thiel, her music & lyrics transport me.


– Spring Song
By Lisa Thiel


Praise to the Spring, Praise to all living things

Praise to the Maiden and the joy that she brings

Praise to the Earth let all her creatures now sing

Hope is renewed with the coming of the Spring

We turn from the darkness and the wise Crone within

We turn to the Maiden and creation begins

It’s a time for things growing and time now for flowing

A time now for sowing the seeds of your dreams.




The heart fires are stirring with the new life returning

Its time now for learning what rebirth truly means

We honor ourselves and all the faeries and elves

May we dance and ring bells for the coming of the Spring!




So open your heart to natures wondrous art.

Its time now to start the Healing of the Green.

Young rabbits abound and there’s flowers all around

The air is filled with the Sound of the Coming of the Spring!


By Flora

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