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Hello, fellow audiobook fans. Today, I’d like to share my thoughts about Pam by Teresa Gabelman. The third story in Teresa’s gritty, paranormal romance spin-off series, The Mates. My thanks to the publisher, Tantor Audio, for the audiobook in exchange for a candid review.

What’s Pam about?

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Pam (The Mates #3: The Protectors #15.5) by Teresa Gabelman #2021AudiobookChallenge @TantorAudioMy Rating:
Title: Pam by Teresa Gabelman
Series: , The Protectors #15.5
Published by Tantor Audio on 30th March 2021
Genres: Adult Paranormal Romance
Narrator: Jeffrey Kafer
Length: 5 hours 26 minutes
No. of Pages: 239

The Mate series delves into the kickass world of the Warriors’ mates and how united, they can make a difference—just like their badass Protectors. Follow along to see how these exceptional women’s newfound freedom affect those around them and which Warrior may or may not support their feisty independent mate’s new and exciting path.

With a past best left behind, forgetting was something Pam Roark could not seem to do. Nothing was more important than her mate, VC Warrior Duncan Roark, and her son, Daniel. But the circumstances surrounding Daniel and his remarkable abilities throws her back into nightmares she can’t escape.

During her journey to protect her son from those who would exploit him, Pam realizes it isn’t Daniel who needs help, but herself. With the help of her mate and son, a path leads her to the life she was meant to have—without the horrors.

Contains mature themes.

©2020 Teresa Gabelman (P)2021 Tantor

Source: ARC

I received this ARC for free in exchange for an honest review. This doesn't affect my opinion of the book or influence the content of my review.

Review Format: Audiobook, eBook
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Listened To: 21st February – 13th March 2021

What did I think about it?

A Gripping Story That Pulled On All My Mothering Instincts.

I’m already a big fan of Teresa Gabelman’s writing style. You can find all the books in her The Protectors series and The Mates series on my bookshelves.

Pam didn’t disappoint.

I’d already fallen in love with this little family from the previous books. I love Duncan’s alpha-ness which makes him strong and domineering but always puts Pam and Daniel first with his heightened protectiveness (like all the VC Warriors). Pam’s resilience and gumption are second to none, and her drive to protect her son, Daniel, is monumental. Daniel is not your usual seven-year-old boy – he’s special. He has a wisdom beyond his years with a heart that’s kind, caring and full of love for his parents and his extended VC Warrior family. The Roarks are strong but together they’re invincible.

Pam has been part of The Protector series from the very beginning.

Her storyline has been one of high emotions and appalling brutality. From one trauma to another. However, Pam has proved time and time again that she has the strength of character to survive whatever life throws at her. Her journey in this book was raw and visceral but ultimately inspiring.

Jeffrey Kafer IS the voice of The Protectors.

Pam was read by The Protectors’ narrator, Jeffrey Kafer. I loved the way he narrated the book; his pace, tone and performance certainly added an extra dimension that kept me hooked, not wanting to turn it off. Jeffrey brought out each and every emotion that the characters were feeling. His performance enhanced the tension, highlighted the inhumanity and encompassed the joy.

I loved that this audiobook gave me all the emotions I’ve come to expect.

Pam horrified and shocked me at times, it got my blood boiling too. However, rest assured, dear readers, like all of Ms Gabelman’s books, the humour and love shine through it all. Pam hits all the right spots and warmed my old romantic heart.

I’d recommend Pam to lovers of relationship stories with gritty plots and lots of passion.

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Keep reading to find out more about the series and its author.

Protectors: The Mate Series

The Mate series delves into the kickass world of the Warriors’ mates and how united, they can make a difference—just like their badass Protectors. Follow along to see how these exceptional women’s newfound freedom affect those around them and which Warrior may or may not support their feisty independent mate’s new and exciting path.

Protectors: The Mate series is a spin-off from her bestselling adult paranormal romance series, The Protectors. This new series is about the mates – the wives and partners – to the VC Warriors based in Cincinnati, USA and should be read in conjunction with the main series.

Books in the Series

If you haven’t read any of the series yet, it’s never too late to start your adventure with these amazing women! Follow the links to read my reviews or buy your own copy.

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As promised, here’s Teresa’s bio.

About Teresa Gabelman

Author Teresa Gabelmen

Teresa Gabelman is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the ‘Protectors Series‘. When not writing about sexy alpha vampires and the women who drive them crazy she can be found on a lake with a fishing pole/Kindle, at a MMA event or spending a fun evening with family.

Being a full-time writer has allowed Teresa to connect more with readers which is what she loves most about writing. If you find the time she would love to hear from you!

And because this is a review about an audiobook, here’s Jeffrey’s bio too.

About Jeffrey Kafer

Narrator - Jeffrey Kafer

Jeffrey Kafer is a full-time SAG-AFTRA audiobook narrator. He has narrated almost 500 books in almost every genre for such authors Clive Barker, Steve Alten, Maya Banks, and many others. He has 2 degrees in cinema and broadcasting and currently lives in Los Angeles with his family and dog.

Thank you for stopping by and for taking the time to read my thoughts about Pam. Have you read it or any others by Teresa Gabelman? Drop a comment below, I’d love to hear from you.

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