Paranormal Women’s Fiction: My Favourite Sub-Genre

I’ve written a few posts now about Paranormal Women’s Fiction (PWF) on the blog. The new genre of paranormal romance (PNR)urban fantasy and paranormal cosy mystery stories where the female protagonists are Generation X (Gen X). Women in their 40s or older.

I want to read about heroines in PNR and urban fantasy that take on the bad guys, save the day but are in the same stage of life as me.

Many protagonists in speculative fiction are supposed to be older than they look. Vampires in their hundreds, fae ageing in their thousands, and witches or shifters who are decades older than they appear. (I think this is also supporting the media view that being young and beautiful is the ideal. *tut*tut*) However, that issue aside, these characters are still thinking, acting and saying things indicative of someone far younger! It’s my main bug-bear.

Finally, PWF has given me stories in my favourite genres with characters I can relate to.

I wanted to create a little space on my blog to share this emerging genre with you. Not every book marketed as PWF has hit the mark. Some have failed dismally, falling into the traps already mentioned above. However, there are many authors out there writing the stories that tick all of my boxes. You’ll find every story here; the hits, this misses and the mehs.

💖 Paranormal Women’s Fiction 💖

My Reviews:

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Have you read any of these stories? Am I missing one? Drop a comment below.

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3 replies on “Paranormal Women’s Fiction: My Favourite Sub-Genre”

I have one that sounds right up your alley!
Everyone has an alternate form. Lucky people never shift into it. For everyone else, there’s the Magical Probation Department.
MPD Officer Angela Jones has spent her entire career helping shifters get back into their human forms and ensuring they can manage their magical powers.
Her methods are a little unconventional, but she’s built a strong community of people who help each other. A far cry from her coworkers who would rather emulate the tough guy hero of “Shift Enforcers,” protecting the world from shifters at any cost and grabbing all the glory along the way.
Angela has mostly resigned herself to never being promoted again. But a new source of magic downtown is causing havoc. She can’t convince her boss to look into it…until a fire-breathing dragon appears.
Now Angela is being shut out of the case of a lifetime, and the city she protects is in danger of being destroyed.
Let me know if you’re interested in downloading a copy for reviewing!

The Empire, by C.L. Alden – available on Amazon
Unfortunately I don’t have it in audio book format yet. I plan to start audio versions when I complete the next 2 books. Here’s a blurb:
History will not be forgotten…or silenced. Darcy’s mother may be dead, but that doesn’t stop her from trying to warn her that trouble is brewing. For weeks Darcy Adams has been haunted in her dreams by her mother and images of her hometown; past and present. The dreams make no sense until a frantic phone call from her father in the middle of the night confirms what her mother has been trying to tell her. Shoreton is in trouble. Compelled by the desperation in her father’s voice and her mother’s warnings, Darcy travels across the country to the quaint coastal town she left behind years ago only to find it in a state of upheaval. The state plans to make changes that could doom the town, leaving the residents in a bitter conflict between those who crave progress and those determined to preserve their heritage. Meanwhile Darcy’s dreams are becoming increasingly realistic and disturbing. There is more to the problems in town than meets the eye, as unexplainable encounters with strange people begin to occur. While searching for the connection, Darcy discovers a shocking secret confirming her ties to the future of the town, forcing her to delve not only into the town’s past, but her own. Faced with a history she thought buried in her past, Darcy discovers that sometimes moving forward means looking back. The ghosts of Shoreton will not be forgotten…or silenced.

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