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Publication Day – New Release – Book Birthday – Amanda Cadabra and the Flawless Plan by Holly Bell

Hello Fellow Avid Readers,

Today, I am very excited to announce the release of Amanda Cadabra and the Flawless Plan, Holly Bell’s latest novel in her Amanda Cadabra Cozy Paranormal Mystery series. An amazing series that I’ve just fallen in love with!

I pre-ordered my copy and you can read my review here.

I love supporting independent authors, especially when they live here in the UK and couldn’t resist the opportunity to help spread the word about this fantastic new paranormal cozy mystery book and hope you become as excited about the whole series as I am.


Amanda Cadabra and The Flawless Plan (Amanda Cadabra Cozy Paranormal Mysteries Book 3)
by Holly Bell

An accident waiting to happen. Sunken Madley village church hall seems safe enough for a dance class. Now there’s a body. Or is it two? Only ghosts for witnesses. Covert witch Amanda and her grumpy feline familiar must look for answers in the past. But whose past?

With a spy, a saboteur, an uncooperative ghost, multiple puzzles ,and herself as the number one suspect she’s going to need backup.

There’s only one choice: the personable but intractable Inspector Trelawney. Only if Amanda can dare to trust him can they survive and solve the case before the murderer strikes again.

But who, in this peaceful English village would resort to murder?

In the words of Grandpa: ‘This one is going to be more complicated than the last one. Possibly … probably. Definitely.’

At the moment Amanda Cadabra and the Flawless Plan is only available in eBook format through Amazon, however, paperback copies will hopefully be available soon. Download your copy today!


(I am part of Amazon , The Book Depository, Foyles Book Shop and Waterstones affiliate programmes, which means when you use those links to buy a copy of this book, I will get a (very) small % from the sale.)

Cat adorer and chocolate lover, Holly Bell is a photographer and video maker when not writing. Holly lives in the UK and is a mixture of English, Scottish, Cornish and Welsh, among other ingredients.

Whilst being an enthusiastic novel reader, Holly has had a lifetime’s experience in writing non-fiction. Amanda Cadabra and The Hidey-Hole Truth is her first official venture into the realms of fiction and there is no looking back in the foreseeable future.

​Her favourite animal is called Bobby. He is a black cat. Purely coincidental. Of course.

If you want to know more about Holly, or want to get in touch, you can find her at the following places:


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13 replies on “Publication Day – New Release – Book Birthday – Amanda Cadabra and the Flawless Plan by Holly Bell”

Yes, it’s such a competitive industry and I take my hat off to any authors who self publish or use the smaller independent publishing houses. I try to support where I can.
Thanks for stopping by, Lindy x

I love the cover of this book and the name of the character is adorable. Thanks for sharing.

Yes, me too. It makes me smile every time. Holly also plays with book titles, films and stage shows too in these books for example in this one a couple of her characters are going to a show in town called Harespray a new musical by Poppea Watership and Barry O’Down. It cracks me up! Lol!

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