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PWF has arrived!

I was filled with sheer joy,  when I found out that one of my favourite authors –  K.F. Breene  – was teaming up with 12 of her author friends to write paranormal romance, urban fantasy and paranormal cozy mystery stories where the protagonists are women in their 40s or older. Woohoo! 露‍♀️

But let me explain why.

Believe it or not, I’m actually a grumpy 48 year old menopausal woman. I know what I like and haven’t got the patience to spend my free time reading about angsty-too-stupid-to-live kids. Been there: Done that! My daughters are 18 and 15, hence my aversion to any YA storylines. Need I say more?!  😉 This new genre is right up my street!

Here’s what one of the participating authors (a.k.a. the FAB13), the lovely Michelle M. Pillow, has to say about this new venture:

What is PWF?

PWF = Paranormal Women’s Fiction

These books will have have adventure, passion, and LIFE. And they’ll kick ass, just like all our books already do!

We are not inventing books with 40+ heroines. We are hoping to define a place for them amongst other genres. There are so many great stories already with older women dealing with real life issues (and magical ones, ’cause paranormal is just cool), but often these books are lumped in with genre titles amongst new adult books and can be hard to find.

Older women kick ass. They know things. They’ve been there. They are worthy of their own literature category. They stopped giving a fuck. They also have their own set of issues that they face–empty nests, widows, divorce, menopause, health, etc–and these issues deserve to be addressed and embraced in literature.

Women friendships matter. Women matter. Our thoughts and feelings matter.

Growing older is a real part of life. No need to hide in the shadows. Unless you’re like a vampire and like shadows. Then by all means, skulk away.
Need a reference point? Think the book/movie Practical Magic for an idea of the feel we’re talking about. (Especially those aunts. LOVE THEM)

Michelle M. Pillow – January 2020

Who are FAB13 and what are their PWF Books?

PWF Series: Leveling Up

Book 1: Magical Midlife Madness

PWF Series: Premonition Pointe

Book 1: Witching For Grace

PWF Series: Marina at Midlife

Book 1: Wrong Side of Forty

PWF Series: From The Ashes

Book 1: Let It All Burn

PWF Series: Crow’s Feet Coven

Book 1: Writing Wrongs

PWF Series: Glimmer Lake

Book 1: Suddenly Psychic

PWF Series: Betwix & Between

Book 1: Betwix

PWF Series: Midlife Mulligan

Book 1: Halfway There

PWF Series: First Fangs Club

Book 1: Sucks to be Me

PWF Series: Good To The Last Death

Book 1: It’s A Wonderful Midlife Crisis

PWF Series: Order of Magic

Book 1: Second Chance Magic

PWF Series: Grim Cove

Book 1: Cloudy with a Chance of Witchcraft

These first 13 NEW books were released on 18th February 2020 in this new PWF genre and I’m VERY excited about it. I plan on reading (and reviewing here on my blog) every single one!

The subsequent PWF books in the authors’ series will come out over the next months and years to come. Some of the FAB13 authors have already got their “Book 2” up for pre-order! However, it’s not just the FAB13 that are writing stories about women in this stage of their lives other authors are wanting to join in with this new genre too. Even the mighty AMAZON are thinking of adding PWF to their categories to make any book with older protagonists easier for people to find!

The fun has begun. So, grab your big girl panties, extra absorbent Tena Ladies, cooling packs and bottles of booze and join the revolution!


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PWF on Facebook

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Thanks for the definition! Love your attitude. Just wait ’til you’re in your sixties… 🙂

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