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Thriller, Mystery and Crime recommendations ~ Friday Finds plus Book Blogger Hop

Hello Avid Readers. Are you in the mood to be scared, on the edge of your seat, with a thriller, mystery or crime story? 🗡️ 🔫 💉 ⚰️ 👮 🔍 Well, you’re in luck. Those are the genres that I’ve collected this week for today’s Friday Finds post!

If you don’t know what these posts are all about, I explain it all in my Friday Finds page. Don’t worry, the link will open in a new tab so you don’t lose your place here.

I also like being part of the weekly Book Blogger Hop meme, hosted by Billy @ Ramblings of a Coffee Addict. So I’m doing it again today. Read my answer to this week’s question at the bottom of this post.

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So, here are some book reviews and recommendations that my fellow book bloggers have written. 🗡️ 🔫 💉 ⚰️ 👮 🔍 (In no particular order.)

Splinters Of You by Anne Malcom reviewed by CJR The Brit

Caro is a fellow blogging Brit and a Mum who admits to having a serious one click addiction (which is why she works!) 😉  Regarding her reading preference, she reads it all! Caro tends to gravitate towards YA Fantasy/PNR but also loves the romance genre. She posts all sorts: new releases, reviews and the occasional feature. Caro really enjoyed reading this disturbing thriller, saying: “This book is as dark as my soul! I need to go and calm myself down after devouring this in 1 sitting…..hopefully I can sleep without the details going over and over in my mind! .”

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What Lies Between Us by John Marrs recommended by From Belgium With Book Love

Kelly Van Damme admits that over the years her tastes have evolved and expanded, she’s tried many genres, from horror to chick lit, from vampires and werewolves to cosy mysteries, from YA to action. She still enjoys YA, horror, fantasy and light sci-fi, but she mostly reads (psychological) thrillers now. I love that Kelly writes from the heart; she doesn’t analyse every single sentence, but just tells us the thoughts and feelings the book’s left her with. She really loved this thriller, saying: “I absolutely loved What Lies Between Us, it’s bloody brilliant and I can’t recommend it enough! Books like this one definitely make reviewing fun! But more importantly: they make reading fun!

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An Average Life recommends The Secrets Of Strangers by Charity Norman

book cover for The Secrets of Strangers by Charity Norman

Roxanne Michelle is a fellow British bookworm and describes herself as a “dramatic, curly-haired wannabe writer from a nowhere town in Somerset. Stop-starter of all projects great and small.” She uses her blog to talk about books, films, mental health issues and also writes various lifestyle posts. I always enjoy reading her posts as her intelligence, experience and amazing personality shines through in her writing. Roxanne was really impressed with this thriller saying: “The novel strikes a perfect balance of good and evil, with an outcome leaving the reader both hollow and hopeful all at once. I read The Secrets Of Strangers in a single sitting one rainy afternoon and adored every moment. This novel broke my heart!

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And my final reviews this week are from a couple of fantastic book bloggers who I’ve only been following for a few months so haven’t featured in a Friday Finds post before!

Entertainingly Nerdy recommends Girls of Brackenhill by Kate Moretti

Kaili is a thirtysomething blogger and avid book reader who uses her blog to share her passion but also talks about movies, video games, and anything else that is a bit “nerdy” – hence her blog’s name! Kaili’s favourite genres are horror, thriller, and mystery but she also reads young adult novels and recently discovered an enjoyment of fantasy stories too! Kaili really enjoyed this “creepy” thriller giving it 5 out of 5 stars, saying: “The whole story really keeps you entertained and wanting to know what happens and what’s going to happen. Girls of Brackenhill is considered a thriller but it does combine paranormal along with it and that’s what made me love the book even more. If you haven’t read this book then you really need to!

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The Split by Sharon Bolton reviewed by Novel Lives

Susan is a book blogger who champions Young Adult novels in every sub-genre. Although YA isn’t my genre of choice, 😉 I love reading her emotive (and usually unique) reviews. She captures my attention with her writing style. While YA is her main focus, she also reads adult fiction and lends her flair to those too. Susan really loved this adult psychological thriller, saying: “The themes that are tackled in this book about society, people and how we treat each other are absolutely incredible. There is so much I could say about The Split or Bolton. Go throw it at people. Make sure you read it yourself. Other than a couple of books I have been a lucky son of a bitch in what I’ve read so far this year and it has really moved the goal post on me as far as what I consider great reads- in both YA and Adult.

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So, that’s my finds for this week. I hope you take a moment or two to click at least one of these reviews yourself. You may just find your next favourite read! 💚 📚 💚

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Now on to the Book Blogger Hop (a.k.a. BBH) meme. The BBH was originally created by Jennifer @ Crazy-For-Books in March 2010 but ended on 31 December 2012.

With Jennifer’s permission, Billy @ Ramblings of a Coffee Addict relaunched the hop on 15 February 2013. The hop starts on a Friday and ends the following Thursday with a weekly prompt featuring a book related question. The hop’s purpose is to give bloggers a chance to follow other blogs, learn about new books, befriend other bloggers, and receive new followers to your own blog.


So this week’s question is:

If you own an eBook, would you also purchase a print copy as well?

(submitted by Tabatha @ Broken Soul Reviews)

This is a great question, Tabatha! The simple answer is usually no. Most of the fiction books I own are ebooks because who has the space for all those thousands of books. Whereas I prefer to have hardback or paperback copies of non-fiction and reference books.

However, at the bottom of my bookshelf is a collection of favourite and signed fiction books where I have indeed got and read the ebook version first. So, I suppose I would say that yes. Sometimes I do buy the print version of an ebook to keep forever and, hopefully, get it signed by the author. 😉

So how would you answer this week’s question? Do you ever buy a book in hardback or paperback after reading it in ebook format?

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read this post.

I hope you have a great weekend, stay safe & healthy and manage to read (or listen to) a great book.

Happy Reading!


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  1. Somehow I just got this notification? Thank you so much for linking this. I loved this book and writing this review!

    1. Flora says:

      Lol! No worries, Susan.

  2. Thank you so much for adding me to this!

    1. You’re welcome, it was a great review.

  3. While I usually read on kindle, I’ll always have a soft spot for good old-fashioned print books. LOL Thanks for all the great book recommendations! Looks like a good reading month 🙂

  4. You make a good point re non-fiction/reference works. I, too, prefer to have those in print. If you need to flick through to check something, it’s so much easier to do in the physical copy than in an eBook!

  5. Lucky to get books signed! Tours don’t come out my way. But yeah, there’s so many books to read, owning them all in physical is space and cost prohibitive. Thanks for stopping by! Happy reading!

  6. Oh my Flora… I love that bottom shelf! How do you keep it so neat… I don’t even have a book shelf anymore as my 4yo just carries them all over the house ‘reading’ them so they ended up living in the tv stand in our lounge… Thanks for dropping by my BBH 🙂 Have a good week!

  7. You’re right about keeping non-fiction and reference in print. I’ve not been able to find things when I need them if I’m using an ebook. At least not very easily. If I were still a student, I’d stick with print.

  8. Thanks for stopping by Flora! For the BBH, I love your “who has space?”, I think that’s all bookworms problem ahahah.

    Have a great week and stay safe!

  9. Literary Feline says:

    Several of the books you shared here sound so good! I’ve enjoyed Sharon Bolton in the past. I really want to try Kate Moretti. And I am curious about the Marrs book.

    I can’t resist those signed copies either. 🙂

    I hope you have a great week.

  10. Nice books in your mailbox. 🙂


    Thanks for sharing your answer to the Blog Hop question.

    And…thanks for stopping by my blog.

  11. agreatreviewer says:

    Oh nice! Yeah, usually I buy real books vs ebooks. I get more eARCs though, so I am still likely to buy the real book to put on my shelf afterwards. But as I said in my post, for my indie authors, I’ll keep ebooks on my kindle and buy either the first book of their series or my favorite if there were multiples, just so they can be on my shelves too!

    Thanks for visiting my BBH!

  12. Love your idea of publishing others’ recommendations! I do love thrillers and The Secrets of Strangers looks like something I might like
    Thank you for sharing! xx

    Sara @ Sara In Bookland

  13. I used to have a home library but a very bad dust mite allergy made me change that so I mostly deal in ebooks and I too have a shelf of signed copies and that would be the only reason I’d buy a physical copy of the book if I have the eBook.

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