Review: Better Off Dead (Lily Harper Series #1) By H.P. Mallory

Flora Reviews… Today, I’m sharing my thoughts about Better Off Dead by H.P. Mallory. The first book in her urban fantasy series, The Lily Harper Series.



…So what’s this book about?

This is the first book in the Lily Harper series.

Our heroine, Lily Harper, is killed in a car accident before it’s her time to go because her guardian angel wasn’t doing his job properly. So to make amends AfterLife Enterprises, the company responsible for sorting out the recently dead and sending them on their way to the Kingdom, (heaven) or to the Underground City, (hell) gives Lily a choice; spend 100 years in Shade (the waiting space between Kingdom and Underground City) or become a retriever and relocate 10 souls; of course she decides to become a soul-retriever.  Wouldn’t you? She gets to pick a new body, a new place to live, and the job comes with an extensive living & expenses allowance and a new bank account.

…So, what did I like about it?

I’ve read other books by H P Mallory and I do like her writing style. However, this book is not written like her Jolie Wilkins or Dulcie O’Neil series but don’t let that put you off; it’s a great read. I think where her other books can be classed as urban fantasy romance; the potential romance was secondary in Better off Dead, making it more of an urban paranormal adventure.

As usual, all of the main characters have depth and are brought to life within this book, revealing their back story gradually as Lily find out more about those around her and the adventure unfolds. The places and situations that Lily finds herself in, makes it impossible not to be caught up in her journey; I laughed, cried and got frustrated too at times.  😉

…So, ummm, was there anything I disliked about it?

Well, not disliked but there are lots of references to the Inferno by Dante Alighieri and I wish I knew more about the nine circles of hell that he wrote about. (Might have to google it!) However, my lack of knowledge didn’t actually distract from the story.

…So, basically what I’m saying is…

I really enjoyed reading this book and I’m looking forward to getting my hands on book 2. If you enjoy urban fantasy stories with an adventure theme, then give this book a try.

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