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Flora Reviews… Nolander (Emanations #1) by Becca Mills.

What’s Nolander about?

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Review: Nolander (Emanations #1) by Becca MillsMy Rating:
Title: Nolander by Becca Mills
Series: Emanations #1
Published by Recompense Press on 2 April, 2012
Genres: Contemporary, Fantasy, Fiction, Science Fiction, Urban, New Adult (NA), Paranormal Romance (PNR), Urban Fantasy
No. of Pages: 378

Beth Ryder knows she's different. In a tiny rural town, being an orphaned and perpetually single amateur photographer crippled by panic disorder is pretty much guaranteed to make you stick out like a sore thumb.

But Beth doesn't understand just how different she really is.

One day, strange things start cropping up in her photos. Things that don't look human. Impossible things. Monstrosities. Beth thinks her hateful sister-in-law, Justine, has tampered with her pictures to play a cruel joke, but rather than admitting or denying it, Justine up and vanishes, leaving the family in disarray.

Beth's search for Justine plunges her into a world she never knew existed, one filled with ancient and terrifying creatures. Both enemies and allies await her there—a disturbingly sexy boss, a sentient wolf with diamond fur, body-snatching dinosaur-birds. Separating the allies from the enemies is no easy chore, but in this strange new world, allies are a necessity. A plot is afoot, and Beth—whose abilities no one seems able to explain—may well hold the key to solving it.

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Review Format: eBook
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Read: 24th – 25th October 2016

The Emanations Series

Of all the beings that have lived on Earth, what if just a few had the power to make new realities, according to their desires? What would they create? The Second Emanation: a shadow world where ancient creatures persist, where humanity’s dominance is far less certain, where wonder competes with horror. A world like an autumn forest, its realities as multiple and layered as fallen leaves. The world that gives us our gods. In Becca Mills’s Emanations series, this strange and magical world crosses paths with a seemingly ordinary young woman from the American Midwest. It’ll never be the same again.

Nolander is the first novel in the fantasy series Emanations. The second novel, Solatium, and a short story, “Theriac,” are also available.

What did I think?

I loved this story!!

This is another book that I downloaded a long time ago because it was free on Amazon UK. I haven’t read anything by this author before, but the premise sounded interesting.

A great find!

I couldn’t stop reading; the writing style was engaging and easy to read, the characters were complex and very believable, the story arc progressed at a good pace with a wonderful tapestry of mysteries, dangers and a world that was expertly thought out, beautifully crafted and well-executed.

About Becca Mills

Author - Becca Mills

Becca Mills is an over-educated, under-exercised lover of good coffee, science, and fast cars. And books. Oh yes. She believes the world can be a rough place and that everyone deserves to leave it behind now and then. That pretty much makes books a human right, no?

Becca is currently completing Book 3 of the Emanations series: Isolate. When not novelizing, she spends quite a bit of time on her "day job" as a college writing teacher.

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