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Review: Suddenly Psychic (Glimmer Lake #1) by Elizabeth Hunter #PWF

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Today, I’m sharing my thoughts about Suddenly Psychic by Elizabeth Hunter. Another book in a new reading genre – Paranormal Women’s Fiction or PWF for short.

13 paranormal romanceurban fantasy and paranormal cozy mystery authors have teamed up to write books where the female protagonists are +40s. As a menopausal woman within spitting distance of the big 5-0, I’m overjoyed at this new genre. I can’t wait to buy them all!

Last year, I decided that mini reviews were the way forward for this particular book blogger. 😉  This means that I only write full detailed reviews for the ARCs I receive.

So now, on with my mini review about…

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Suddenly Psychic (Glimmer Lake #1) by Elizabeth Hunter

Every woman goes through changes in their forties.
Just not… these changes.

Robin Brannon was a normal wife, mom, and antique shop owner until a brush with death turned her day-to-day life upside down. Now she and her two best friends are seeing things that belong in a fantasy novel. Ghosts. Visions. Omens of doom. Nothing that belongs in the peaceful mountain town they call home.

Added to that, Robin’s marriage is on the rocks, her grandmother’s health is failing, her mother is driving away the customers at her shop, her teenage daughter refuses to get her drivers’ license, and her left knee aches every darn morning.

Robin doesn’t have the time, energy, or knees to unearth the secrets buried at the bottom of Glimmer Lake, but fate doesn’t seem to care. Some secrets are just dying to be exposed.

book cover for Suddenly Psychic (Glimmer Lake #1) by Elizabeth Hunter. Part of Paranormal Women's Fiction (PWF) genre.
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Simply… Extraordinary!

I’m already a fan of Elizabeth Hunter’s books and love her writing style. Her stories tick all the boxes for me. Intelligent writing style that’s easy to read. Main characters with personality traits that I can connect to and believe in and depth in the supporting cast. Believable background story and setting – even when based in a paranormal world. And finally, a balanced mix of relationship, tension, action, humour and mystery in the plot line.

As a menopausal woman, I love that this series will have an older protagonists and supporting characters. About bloody time! Woohoo!

I’d recommend Suddenly Psychic to those who enjoy stories about the value of strong, healthy friendships. Like the idea of a second coming-of-age story for older, independent, capable women. And enjoy a generous helping of banter, humour and realistic issues for the over 40s within a paranormal mystery.

It’s certainly left me wanting to read the next book – Part-time Psychic. I’m off to check out the other books available in the Paranormal Women’s Fiction (PWF) genre.

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Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my thoughts, I really appreciate it.

I hope I’ve sparked your interest and that you add this one to your groaning TBR piles. 😉

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Bye for now,

Flora x

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