Review: The Company of Shadows (The Company #1) by Lisa Olsen

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Flora Reviews… The Company of Shadows (The Company #1) by Lisa Olsen.

What’s The Company of Shadows about?

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Review: The Company of Shadows (The Company #1) by Lisa OlsenMy Rating:
Title: The Company of Shadows by Lisa Olsen
Series: The Company #1
Published by Self-Published on 7 May, 2013
Genres: Fiction, Horror, Urban Fantasy
No. of Pages: 290

He comes to her in dreams, her perfect man. Only Cady's love can feed him and satisfy the desire to kill again. Cady sees things she shouldn't in the shadows, things she can't forget. She has become the obsession of a darker power, and no one, not even Ethan, can keep her safe from his twisted desires. Will she surrender to the demon in lover's clothing or stand against him?

The life of a Reaper is simple. Find the subject, bind him before the body count gets too high, and wait for his next assignment. Protect the world from the evil that lurks in the shadows - but protect the Company's secrets at all costs. Is Ethan willing to sacrifice the life of an innocent girl to keep those secrets?

Need. The need to rend and tear and occasionally taste the flesh of his victims. Asherik can wear any skin, he can become your wildest fantasy. One look from him is enough to set any woman's blood on fire. She alone resists him. Ash has never tasted love before. But now that he's found Cady, he'll never let her go.

* This is the first book in a completed, four book series about demons and demon hunters.

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Review Format: eBook
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Read: 8th – 9th November 2015

What did I think?

I loved this story!!

I couldn’t stop reading this book. It was fun. Nice take on the demon hunter genre, engaging characters, tension, passion and a good sprinkling of humour. PLUS I downloaded it for free from Amazon UK – bargain!

A great find!

About Lisa Olsen

Lisa Olsen is a writer, wife and mother of two, currently living in the Pacific Northwest. A complete TV addict, she also enjoys online RPG's, singing, reading, and cooking.


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