Review: The Viscount’s Son (Rise of the Dark Ones #1) by Aderyn Wood

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Flora reviews… Today, I’m sharing my thoughts about The Viscount’s Son by Aderyn Wood. The first story in her paranormal romance trilogy, Rise of the Dark Ones.

What’s The Viscount’s Son about?

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Review: The Viscount’s Son (Rise of the Dark Ones #1) by Aderyn WoodMy Rating:
Title: The Viscount's Son by Aderyn Wood
Series: Rise of the Dark Ones #1
Published by Self-Published on 31st March 2013
Genres: Paranormal Romance (PNR), Fiction, Fantasy, Historical
No. of Pages: 74

If Dracula and The Da Vinci Code had book babies, this trilogy would be the result...

Emma, book conservator and history buff, begins an anonymous online project - to translate an ancient diary on her blog. As the diary entries become darker and more mysterious, Emma meets a handsome stranger, and her personal life takes on uncanny parallels to her secret online translations. When her love life grows even stranger, Emma wonders if she should end the blog, but is it too late?

Rise of the Dark Ones is perfect for fans of vampire and paranormal mysteries, psychic investigator thrillers, occult suspense, angels, demons, and lovers of a good twist.

The Unholy Trilogy:
Book One: The Viscount's Son (Novelette)
Book Two: The Earl's Daughter (Novel)
Book Three: The Pharaoh's Mistress (Novel)

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Review Format: eBook
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The Viscount’s Son is a novella, which means that it’s shorter than a novel but longer than a short story. It’s written in the style of a fictional blog by our heroine, Emma. Emma is an intelligent twenty-something book conservator who has given herself this online project to transcribe an ancient and mysterious diary.

What did I like about The Viscount’s Son?

I loved the unique way that Aderyn Wood told this story and the clever way she combined older “classic” style language and mannerisms in the form of the 16thcentury journal entries with the modern style of writing we use today, that we read in Emma’s blog. I felt as though I not only got to know Emma through her blog but the mysterious diary writer “N.C.” too, which is all down to the creative and descriptive talents of Ms Wood. Although I did guess the twist, I was still gripped, wanting to keep reading and the way the story ended… wow, it not only made me smile (I think I actually gasped!) but left me feeling intrigued. I love that (eek! it’s hard to write a review without giving anything away! Lol!)

Was there anything I didn’t like?

No not really, although I hope I don’t have to wait long for the next story… hint!hint!

Basically, what I’m saying is…

This is a great story! It’s easy to download and way too cheap to ignore! If you like mystery stories with a bit of fantasy and romance without being gory or overtly erotic (although it’s not squeaky clean 😉 ), you will love this story. What are you waiting for…

The Viscount's Son by Aderyn Wood

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