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September 2019 Monthly Wrap Up plus The Sunday Post @ Flora’s Musings…

Good morning my lovelies. Welcome to my September 2019 Monthly Wrap Up post.

The weekends are the perfect time for me to sit back and catch up on life – both on and off the blog – so back in April, I decided to write a monthly round up post. I linked up to The Sunday Post which is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer (see rules here: Sunday Post Meme) and have done so each month since.

The Sunday Post is a chance for us to share news, to recap the past week on our blogs and showcase books and things we have received. To share with you what is coming up on our blogs for the week ahead and don’t forget, this meme is also the perfect opportunity to check out other bloggers and read some great blogs. So, once you’ve read my post, why don’t you hop along to some of the other amazing blogs taking part in this week’s The Sunday Post.

So what have I been up to this month?

September has been a mixed bag for me.

I went to my first every book signing event last weekend – Romance Author and Reader Event; it was AMAZING! I met some lovely authors and loads of fellow book lovers. I take my hat off to Amy Jennings and her team of RAREttes who organised the event. I will get around to writing a post all about it to share with you but other things in my life are a bit up in the air at the moment.

I started back to work after the school summer holidays on Wednesday 4th September; it’s always a struggle to get back into the grove and then when you do, it feels as though you haven’t had any time off! Right?!  😉 Budgets in the education sector here in the UK are tight and we’ve been trying to tighten our belts over the last academic year, however, the Governors of my school have been left with no choice and told us this week that there will be redundancies. 🙁  I am currently polishing up my CV and trying to determine what my options are; I love being a teaching assistant and hope that I can continue but I’m looking to grow my BETA READING service too. If you know any authors who are looking for a professional pre-publication or work-in-progress critique, please refer them my way. If you don’t know what a beta reader does, my page explains it all. 🙂

For obvious reasons, I haven’t had the time to take part in Shanah’s Top 5 Tuesday much this month but I’ve managed to write my Friday Finds posts and answer the Book Blogger Hop question most weeks.  Although I find taking part in these weekly memes fun, I feel that I’ve been slacking in returning comments and blog hopping recently – so sorry about that.

I linked up to Blog Lovin’ last month, so if you’re part of that community too, I’d love it if you’d give me a follow and I can follow you back.

So what have I been posting here on my blog…

I seem to be writing more mini reviews these days, I’ve decided that the mini review format is the way forward for this particular book blogger. 😉 As we know, of all the content we publish on our blogs, the reviews are the least interacted with. I know they get read, as you all click the like button to prove the fact but usually the interaction stops there.

Moving forward, what else can you expect from me in October?

  • Celebrating those New Book Releases
  • Hopefully more Author Interviews, cover reveals, tours and Spotlight posts
  • More weekly Friday Finds, Top 5 Tuesdays posts and Book Blogger Hop questions answered
  • and of course, lots of book reviews!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I take part in the Goodreads Annual Reading Challenge and have also joined in with challenges from the book groups I belong to. I thought that I’d use this post to update you on my progress to date in all the challenges that I’m also taking part in…

Monthly Challenges: September

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is cosplay-cutie-january.png

Cosplay Cuties – Collect a Cosplay Cutie doll each month by completing at least 2 tasks out of a set of 6. A new set of tasks with a new doll is posted each month and I’m hoping to collect all 12. Here are the dolls I’ve collected so far.

3 Monthly Challenges:

Underworld Challenge (1st July to 30th September)

Under cover of night, vampires engage in an age-old battle with their sworn enemies, the Lycans, a clan of violent werewolves. Selene, a vampire orphaned in the wake of a bloody Lycan attack, works for the vampire clan as a trained killer. When the Lycans take a mysterious interest in Michael Corvin, an exceptional mortal doctor, Selene struggles to save him from Lucian, a ruthless Lycan leader hellbent on ending the vampire bloodline.

You are Selene. You must protect Michael from the Lycans by completing at least 5 of the various reading tasks.

I’ve read enough books to complete all 18 tasks for this one by the skin of my teeth! Lol! 😉

Annual Challenges:

Cover Love -It’s all about book covers. This scavenger hunt gives us a list of 100 things to find but we can only use one book for each item. It is split into 4 sections; items, words in the title, main cover colour and font colours.

The Year I Scaled by TBR Mountain… 2019 This doesn’t earn me a Vampire Heart but it’s helping me finish those half started series… 😉 The trouble is, I keep adding to the series list, especially after attending RARE19 in London last week!! Lol!

Own Pace Challenges:

My Bloody Bazaar Games Thread ~ I’ve completed the Knight Fright game, the Swords & Airships one, the Russian Roulette game and the Creature Castle one.

Last month I started the Wishing Well game but haven’t made much progress. oops!

Palmistry Reading ~ ⁍This is a reading challenge with a palm reading.

⁍For your palm reading, you get three areas read; a line, a marking and a mount. not real ones this is just for fun please don’t send me pictures of your palm 😉
⁍For the reading challenge, you may do the tasks for each or spell out the name of the line/marking/mount. You can do both as well if you want.

⁍You can start this challenge whenever you want and set your own pace. When you’re finished, you can request another reading and play again if you like.

∞ Task Challenge
Three tasks for each area. You may do one, two, or all three tasks. It’s up to you! You will get three areas read totalling nine tasks per reading.

∞ Spell-It-Out Challenge
Using the first letter of a book title, series title, author’s first or last name, or a character’s first or last name to spell out the name of your line/marking/mount. You may do all three or just one (or two whatever).

Ok, so I’m addicted to collecting the Vampire Hearts that we earn for every challenge completed! You don’t blame me though, they’re gorgeous, right?! Lol!

As you know, I review books on this blog that I’ve bought, as well as ARCs (Advance or Early Reader Copy) that I’ve received from authors or publishers both directly and through NetGalley. (I’ve finally got my NetGalley addiction under control.) But I thought that I’d share with you the ARCs that are still on my TBR list.

I thought that I’d stuck to my NetGalley Plan – spread out the release dates of books I’ve requested and limited myself to only requesting a couple per month – but it seems that it’s gone a bit awry. (Click the titles for their Goodreads listing)

I’ve got a couple of ARCs direct from the authors that were released in September; 80s Ladies by Jacqueline Terrill is a short story (30 pages) and Dark Justice by Shelley Russell Nolan was released on 10th September.

October Release  ~ Secrets of the House of Chocolate (22nd)~ Fever (29th)

November Releases ~ nothing yet!

December Releases ~ nothing yet!

January Releases ~ nothing yet!

February Releases ~ nothing yet!

Thanks to the wonderful authors, publishers and NetGalley for the opportunities they give me to read books and feed my reading addiction! 😉

I love browsing the various Facebook groups that I belong; they always seem to have such great memes for every occasion. 😉

So, now you’ve read my post, why don’t you hop along to some of the other amazing blogs taking part in this week’s The Sunday Post. If you’re taking part too, don’t forget to leave your comment below with a link to your Sunday Post so I can visit your blog and check out what you’ve been up to.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Bye for now. x

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16 replies on “September 2019 Monthly Wrap Up plus The Sunday Post @ Flora’s Musings…”

Yay for the book signing! And good luck with the redundancies- hopefully they don’t affect you but if they do wishing you a positive turnaround. That’s always scary.

I like mini- reviews and have thought of doing more of them also. They’re fun to read too! 🙂

Oh man, I hope the thing with the school gets worked out!!

It looks like you’ve got a lot of fun challenges there!

I haven’t really heard much talk about mini-reviews before, but I think it’s always important to do what works best for you!

I love mini reviews! They’re my favourite and are easily overtaking full length reviews on my blog… I’ll probably switch over completely before long. 🙂

It sucks to hear about redundancies at your school. 🙁 My son’s school is forever fundraising for things because their budget is so tight. Plus, it’s a voluntary aided school so we have little choice but to contribute… I hope things work out for you!

Rare sounds awesome! I’ve been seeing so many London posts and it’s making me so excited for RARE Edinburgh next year!

Yikes, good luck on the job front! Your beta reading page looks really good, too. I’ve considered doing something similar, since I have an English degree my thoughts were more along the lines of copyediting for grammar, consistency, etc. I get super worried when I think about taxes and self-employment though, and the anxiety ends up not being worth it. 🙁

I followed you on Bloglovin! That is the easiest way for me to keep all my subscriptions together.

As a teacher I totally get how you feel on going back to work and the feeling that you did not have a huge summer vacation, lol.

Here in The Netherlands there are a lot of strikes because of big classes, no money and loads of special ed children in normal schools that can’t get the help they need. I’m curious to see what you decide workwise!

Thanks Esther, I love my job as a teaching assistant and I’m hoping that I can either stay at my current school or find another school to hire me. I was unaware of the situation in The Netherlands but knowing you’re a teacher there and the education system is going through a time turmoil too, I’ll look out for news stories about it.

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