Sexual Bucket List (Part 1)

Sexual Bucket List
A bucket list, if you’ve never heard of one before, is a list of things you’d like to do, experience or achieve before you ‘kick the bucket’. 
People make these lists as encouragement to live their lives to the fullest, to have something to aim for, to look forward to. 
A bucket list can include absolutely anything you want; riding in a hot air balloon, learning how to knit, running a marathon, singing in public, swimming with dolphins, being on telly, etc.

Well that’s all very interesting but it’s the 21st century, after all, and here we are on the internet, so…. let’s talk about sex.
What sexual things would you like to try? 
Are there things you’re interested in but are afraid to try them?
What if money was no problem and you could add everything and anything to the list that you’re really interested in?
I’ve trawled the internet and I’ve found a few of these sexual bucket lists on various websites around especially for us ladies. 
Here are some of their ideas:
Give him your knickers on a night out with him
 Have sex in at least 3 different countries
Take nude photos of your lover (or yourself) in a public place
Snog a total stranger
Give him your knickers on a night out with him 
 Learn Shibari
For one day, flirt outrageously without worrying what anyone else thinks
Learn the art of striptease or burlesque
Be part of an orgy.
Kiss 5 people that you want to kiss but never dared
Kiss 10 hot people, just because you can
Buy a good sexy corset
Flash my boobs to a stranger
Be part of a sexy sleepover
Have sex with a celebrity
Learn how to squirt

Go to a nudist beach

Have multiple orgasms, after another, and after another
Fuck with someone watching you
Let a dog or cat lick your clit
Temperature play
Have sex on the hood of your car
 Have sex in a sauna
Experience a water-pressure orgasm
Try a two-player sex toy

So, my delicious readers, do any of these float your boat or tickle your fancy? 
What would you put on your Sexual Bucket List? 
In my mind there’s a difference between total fantasy and what would add a bit of colour and spice to my existence. So although I’d love a threesome with John Cusack AND Kiefer Sutherland, I’m gonna have to keep this real.  

The list I like, and will use as my Sexual Bucket List, I found on the Good To Know website.  Looking through it, I can even cross some of them off already!!

Over the next week I’m going to post the 50 suggestions that they list, a few at a time, it would be a huge post if I did it all in one go. I’ll use the tag #SexualBucketList so you can keep them together.…. And after all building anticipation is all part of the fun.


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