Sexual Bucket List (Part 2)

 Sexual Bucket List (Part 2)

So, here we go. As I told you last time, the sexual bucket list that I like, I found on the Good To Know website. Why do I like it? because it’s not just about kinky or weird new ways to have sex or obscure fetishes but the things they suggest on this list are definitely do-able in my world. Fantasies can become reality; I can even cross some of them off already!! What about you?

Go skinny dipping together

If you’re on holiday then head to the beach one evening, ditch the bikini and go skinny dipping together. The moonlight on the water will make it romantic and the naughtiness of what you’re doing will be thrilling. Just make sure you remember where you’ve left your clothes!

Love bites

Giving or receiving a love bite can be really erotic when you’re in the moment – the key is to make sure they’re not anywhere that you can’t hide with clothing, or you might get some funny looks on the school run.

 Have really loud sex!!

Us Brits are pretty reserved as far as sex goes, so the idea of screaming and shouting while doing it may not float everybody’s boat. BUT – it’s a bit like laughing out loud. Soon after you start, even if it’s a fake laugh to begin with, quickly things start to become funny.
Make sure the kids are at their grandparents and give screaming a go. You might be surprised at the results.

Join the mile-high club

If you’re off on trip with your man then start your holiday by ticking joining the mile-high club off your bucket list. OK, we know it’s a bit risky but if you’re careful you can become a member of this exclusive club and only you and your partner need ever know!

Have a quickie

Sometimes (often, in fact) there’s little time for romance or foreplay, but that doesn’t have to stop you having sex. The age-old quickieis a fabulous answer to busy people, and as it’s not going to take long, you can be pretty inventive with where you do it, too.

Have a threesome

Whether your fantasy threesome is with another man or another woman, make sure you and your partner have fully discussed exactly what you both want to happen (and more importantly, not happen) before you begin. Threesomes can be really fun as long as no-one gets jealous mid-way!

Have sex with someone you’re in love with

As exciting as sex with someone new can be, there’s nothing better than having sex with someone who you’re completely in love with. So, if you’re lucky enough to have found that person, then make the most of them!

Use a sex toy alone

Sex toys are great whether you’re single or in a relationship. If you’re a vibrator virgin, don’t be put off by the huge amount of scary looking contraptions out there. Have a browse and order online to spare your blushes and then book in some quality ‘alone time’ to experiment.

Sex in front of a mirror

Spice up your sex life by watching you and your partner at it. Start by standing in front of a mirror and kissing, then undressing each other. Keep the lights down low if you’re a bit unsure to start with. You’ll soon lose your inhibitions!

 Kiss in the rain

Remember The Kiss in Four Weddings and a Funeral? Hugh Grant may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s no doubt, that kiss was one of the most romantic film moments of all time. Wait for the next downpour and get in the garden with your other half. You’ll be surprised how thrilling the wet and cold can be. (Warming up should be quite good fun too!)
…so, that’s all you’re getting for now; quite enough to whet your whistle, eg?! Lol!
Over the next week I’m going to continue to post the 50 suggestions that they list, a few at a time of course, it would be a huge post if I did it all in one go. 
I’ll use the tag #SexualBucketList so you can keep them together… after all building anticipation is all part of the fun.

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