Sexual Bucket List (Part 3)

Sexual Bucket List (Part 3)
So, here we go again.
As I’ve said before, this sexual bucket list, I found on the Good To Know website.  I like it because it’s stuff that I could do; fantasies can become reality; I can even cross some of them off already!! What about you?

Lick your partner from head to toe

Foreplay is such an important part of sex but it’s often rushed. So, next time take everything a little bit slower, and really enjoy what you’re doing. Lick your partner all over their body from their ears, to their toes and every inch in between.
(Oh, and don’t forget to get your turn too!)

Use handcuffs

There’s loads of different ways to use handcuffs during sex, but if you’re a beginner then the best way to start is by handcuffing your partner to the headboard of your bed. They’ll be so turned on by you being completely in charge! And don’t forget to switch roles so he has a turn at taking control too.

Rough sex

Rough sex is great every once in a while and it doesn’t always have to be your man who’s in charge. Take the lead and let him know who’s boss, he won’t know what’s hit him! Pull his hair, nibble and bite him and scratch his back – just make sure you don’t leave any lasting damage.

Wear sexy lingerie

If you want to give your confidence a boost then wearing your sexiest lingerie will do the trick. And we promise your other half won’t be complaining.


Whatever yours or your partner’s roleplay fantasy is, from police woman to nurse to pretending you’ve just met, get dressed up and in the mood and give it a go. Roleplay is a great way of mixing up your sex life, especially if you’ve been together for a long time – plus, you get to play our your ultimate fantasies.

Have sex in your old bedroom

You’ll have loads of memories from times in your childhood bedroom so why not make some new exciting ones too! Head home with your partner and get down to it. (You may want to tell your parents you’re looking through old photos though; as we’re not sure they’ll be too thrilled about the idea.)

Watch porn

If you’ve always wondered why men love porn so much and what all the fuss is about, then get online and get watching with your other half. You never know, you might just like it.

Go on a dirty weekend away

Dirty weekends need some thought. If you want to get down to having some seriously good, uninterrupted nookie while you’re away, set some ground rules. No TV, no phones and no shopping! Book yourselves into an indulgent hotel, lock the door and promise to dedicate the time entirely to each other.

Make your own sex tape

A sex tape is a good way for you and your partner to feel closer to each other and it’ll be great if you don’t live together or have a long distance relationship. You only need a cheap camera or a phone to be able to video and the results are sure to be pretty exciting.
If you are planning on making a sex tape, have 100% trust in your partner and the fact that it won’t end up anywhere you don’t want it to (and keep hold of a copy, too).

Have sex on the beach

Definitely not one to try during the midday sun-bathing rush, but sex on the beach is great if you love outdoors sex. Make sure you lay a blanket down first or use a sunbed, or you might end up with sand in your bits!
…so, that’s all you’re getting for now; quite enough to add a bit of colour to your lives, eh?! Lol!
We’re halfway through the 50 suggestions that are listed. I hope you’re enjoying them as much as I am.
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