Sexual Bucket List (Part 4)

Sexual Bucket List (Part 4)

So, here we go again. The next installment from the sexual bucket list that I like from the Good To Know website.
As I said last time, I like it because it’s not just about kinky or weird new ways to have sex or features strange or obscure fetishes but the things that they suggest on this list are definitely do-able in my world. Fantasies can become my reality; I can even cross some of them off already!!

Sex with a foreigner

Whether you’re abroad and end up meeting a gorgeous foreign speaking man or you’re at home, sex with someone who doesn’t speak the same language as you, is thrilling. The fact you’re communicating on a purely physical level will make the experience very intense.

Play strip poker

Turn off Corie, get a pack of playing cards out and have a game of strip poker. Play with your other half and some close friends, and you won’t be losing any money – only some items of clothing. You and your man won’t be able to keep your hands off each other when your guests have left!

Text foreplay

Everyone loves long, romantic sex; but quick ‘I-want-you-right-now’ sex can be just as fun. Send your other half text messages throughout the day explaining what you want to do to them that night. You’ll both be so turned-on by the time you see each other, there won’t be time for real foreplay!

Use blindfolds

Using blindfolds is a great way to spice up your love life – there’s nothing more exciting than not knowing where you’re going to be touched next. Take it in turns with your partner to be blindfolded and try a silky material for an extra soft feel.


Use food or drink in the bedroom

Serve yourself up some dinner, on your partner’s body! It’s really sensual eating off someone’s body and a great way to explore every inch of each other.

Have sex in every room of your house

If you own a home together then do the right thing and have sex in every room! You’ll end up with loads of naughty memories that no-one else will know about.


A 69er isn’t the easiest thing to master (or the most ladylike to be honest!) but once you get the hang of it, you won’t look back.
Tip: If your guy’s on top then don’t try and take the entire shaft in your mouth, instead lick and kiss the head of his penis and use your hands to pleasure him too.

Have sex in a forest

Get back to nature and head out for a long walk in your local woods with your other half. Who can blame you if you need a little lie down half way round? (Just make sure it’s secluded!)

Have a one-night-stand

Having a one-night-stand is exciting and the thrill of being with someone new will be such a turn on. Make sure you tell one of your friends where you are, though, to stay safe.

Sex in a public toilet

Sex in a public toilet might not sound like the most romantic affair but when you’re in need of a quickie, you’ve got to be imaginative. Be sure to wash your hands after!

…so, that’s all you’re getting for now; quite enough to get the juices going, eh?! Lol!

Over the rest of the week I’m going to continue to post the 50 suggestions that they list, a few at a time, it would be a huge post if I did it all in one go. 

I’ll use the tag #SexualBucketList so you can keep them together… after all building anticipation is all part of the fun.

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