Sexual Bucket List (Part 6)

Sexual Bucket List (Part 6)

So, here we go again but sadly, for the final time, here is the final installment from the sexual bucket list that I like from the Good To Know website.

Perform a striptease

Perform a striptease for your partner – we bet he’ll think he’s the luckiest man alive. If you’re feeling self conscious about your body, dim the lights and remember he’ll be loving the fact that you’re doing this for him and won’t even notice any of your lumps and bumps.

Use a sex toy with your partner

Using a sex toy with your partner might sound a bit scary to start with but, it’s a great way to spice up your love life and can be really fun – just don’t bring out your biggest toy, or your man might feel intimidated.

Have sex in your parent’s bed

What they don’t know won’t hurt them, right? Having sex in your parent’s bed will give you an extra naughty thrill.

Sex when other people are in the room

Having sex when other people are in the room will give both of you an extra thrill – the excitement of knowing any of them could find out at any time will intensify the enjoyment.

Have sex on a train

Ever been on a long and boring train journey? What better entertainment is there than having sex? So ditch the book and head to the toilet with your partner – it’ll make the journey go a lot quicker and the rocking motion of the train will increase the pleasure for both of you.


Sex in broad daylight

You might feel most comfortable having sex under a duvet in the pitch black, but lose your inhibitions and try sex in broad daylight! If you’re nervous about your lumps and bumps you can always leave some items of clothing on (especially if you’re in public). Go on, give it a go – we dare you!

Turn up at your partner’s house wearing nothing but a coat

If you don’t live with your other half, turn up at your partner’s house wearing nothing but a coat when they think you’re just popping round to watch a film. The coat won’t stay on long and your partner will think all his Christmases have come at once. 

Anal sex

This one isn’t for everyone but if you’re intrigued as to what anal sexwould feel like, then try it with a partner who you trust. It’ll be a completely different feeling to that of normal sex (and one you might like), just make sure you use lots of lubrication to make it feel more comfortable.

Be a sexual slave for the night

Whether it’s you or your partner who’s going to be the sexual slave for the night, you’ll have to do everything you’re told for the whole time.
Make sure you set some boundaries before you get going so you don’t end up doing something you’re not comfortable with.

Send a naked photo

Sending a naked photo is a great way to get your other half excited about seeing you and it’ll build the anticipation for you, too. But, if you are thinking of sending a racy photo then make sure it’s to someone you completely trust – and remember, you don’t have to include your face for it to be effective.
So, we’ve reached the end of the 50 suggestions that are listed on the Good To Knowwebsite. I hope you’re enjoying them as much as I am.

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