Shining a Spotlight On…

Hello fellow bookworms. Welcome to my Spotlight page.

What are my Spotlight posts?

I want to use Flora’s Musings to help authors. In 2019, I decided that every once in a while, I’d write posts to highlight some of my favourites. Each post will star a different author and include their bio and all their books to date.

As you will notice, all of the authors I feature write books in my favourite genres: Adult paranormal romance, urban fantasy and cozy paranormal mystery.

I’m a particular fan of indie authors, if you hadn’t already guessed. Those brave writers who publish their work themselves. Just check out how many times the tag #Indie Author appears on my site. Lol! Therefore, the majority of these posts will feature self-published authors or those who use small independent publishers.

Read my Spotlight Posts

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To see a full list of my favourite authors, check out my Amazing Author A-Z page HERE.

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