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Sharing The Blogger Love. Book Coma – Permission To Read

Hello, my lovelies, As you know, I love the book community everyone is so friendly and I can spend hours happily browsing the blogosphere reading articles, posts and memes. I found this on Rosie’s blog – The Secret Library Book Blog – she’s a fellow Brit and avid reader, I love her blog and this […]

Reading Challenges

Palmistry Reading Challenge – February Update

Hello My Lovelies, Do you remember that I told you about this interesting reading challenge, well here’s how I’m doing so far. Palmistry Reading – Books Read 9/36 Read a book – 2/3 ‣ with an intelligent character – The Demon of New York by Ayse Hafiza ‣ with a head on the cover – […]


Free Kindle Books = Happy Flora!

 Just had a nice surprise, Amazon UK has got load of Kindle books for £0.00 – I’ve just downloaded 6 titles from my favourite genre of Paranormal Romance (not Young Adult or Teen though that’s definitely not my thing)

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What’s On My Kindle

I love reading! Stories have the power to transport us anywhere in time or space … it’s magic! I bought a Kindle last year and couldn’t do without it now, lol! I’m going to use this post to share with you the e-books I’ve downloaded. I’m not a book blogger or reviewer, this is just […]

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