My Favourite Genre

Hello Dear Avid Readers, As most of you already know, my favourite genre is paranormal romance (PNR) which is a sub-genre of the romance novel related to paranormal fiction. Paranormal romance focuses on romance and includes elements beyond the range of scientific explanation, blending together themes from the genres of urban fantasy, traditional fantasy, science … More My Favourite Genre

Literary Gifts For Book Lovers – Cyber Monday Deals

Hello My Lovelies, Black Friday seems to continue here in the UK for a whole week, apparently it’s Cyber Monday today, so here’s another post with some gift inspiration for the book lover in your life or something that you can show a family member or friend as a subtle hint. 😉 For those avid … More Literary Gifts For Book Lovers – Cyber Monday Deals

World Penguin Day

Hello My Lovelies, I have a young lady in my family who absolutely LOVES these amazing creatures. What better way to celebrate the cuteness of our amazing feathered friends, than by honouring them with their very own awareness day. World Penguin Day is celebrated on the 25th April each year, as this is roughly the … More World Penguin Day