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I was never able to understand “cute guys” Girls either. Like I KNOW logistically when someone’s “supposed” to be cute but my friends would show me pics and magazines and I’d be the one going “derp?” However Robert Carlyle is GORGEOUS. Literally the first person to make me understand the merit of the “Oh he’s hot!” hobby. Now when someone asks me “is he cute?” I automatically look to see if “he” bears any resemblance whatsoever to the aforementioned. Alas not many do. LOL Guess I have odd taste!

No, just excellent taste!

Hear, hear!

We’re a discerning bunch 😉


Underwater creatures


Dirona albolineata

…is a species of Dironid nudibranch, which is known to occur throughout the Eastern Pacific Ocean, ranging from Alaska to the area surrounding San Diego, California. Like many other nudibranch species, Dirona albolineata is predatory, feeding on a range of small crustaceans and other gastropods. However they are also known to be fairly fond of bryozoans as well, like other members of the genus Dirona.


Animalia-Mollusca-Gastropoda-Heterobranchia-Euthyneura-Nudipleura-Nudibranchia-Dexiarchia-Cladobranchia-Dironidae-Dirona-D. albolineata

Image: Daniel Hershman

Wow! What an amazing looking thing…

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