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Valentine Book Tag for Romantic February

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Of course, February is the month of love, so I thought it would be appropriate to slip in a Valentine book tag. As you all know, my favourite genre is adult paranormal romances so I should find this easy, right?

I found this on The Sassy Geek but the original creator of this tag is vlogger CC’s Books.

1.) Stand Alone Book You Love

Book cover for Vampire For Christmas by Felicity Heaton

I gave this book 5 stars because it’s just so romantic. I re-read Vampire for Christmas most years! Highly recommended by the way…

2.) Dystopian Book You Love

book cover for The Last Ward 1 - Dark Justice by Shelley Russell Nolan

Dystopian books are not my cup of tea: I usually avoid reading them. However, Dark Justice is an absolutely amazing book. Full of action, adventure, and terror. Thankfully, the surprising addition of love to the tale just blew me away! (Seriously, YOU WILL CRY).

3.) A Book That You Love But No One Else Talks About

My Real Life Bookshelf of paperbacks and hardbacks

Ha! Most of my bookshelves (real life and in the cloud) contain books that the majority of the blogging community haven’t head about! Just take a browse through my review archive to see what I mean!

4.) Favourite Book Couple

book series banner for Rune Witch Mysteries by Victoria DuLuis

Summer Daniels & Thomas Heart

It really is unusual in the books I read, that the main romantic couple are already in a steady long-term relationship. I loved this aspect of the Rune Witch Mysteries. Summer and Thomas were passed that first blush of dating and on the precipice of the next step. They had their ups and downs and I liked how realistic their relationship felt.

5.) Book That Other People Love But You Haven’t Read Yet

Of course, there are loads of popular books that everyone in the book blogging community seems to have read and loved. I mainly read books by indie authors and those that self-publish. Therefore the Leveling Up series by K. F. Breene has been popping up on my radar a lot recently. I’ve already read the first book, but I want to read more.

6.) A Book With Red on the Cover

book cover for Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries 7 - Pecan Pies and Dead Guys by Angie Fox

I have quite a few on my shelf that I could have picked for this one. I’ve chosen Pecan Pies and Dead Guys because of the romance between our heroine, Verity, and her handsome beau, Ellis.

7.) A Book With Pink on the Cover

book cover for Nocturne Falls 1 - The Vampires Mail Order Bride - Kristen Painter

This cute, cosy paranormal romance was an easy read. The Vampire’s Mail Order Bride was free from Amazon when I downloaded it, so I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did. I’ve since bought more books in this light paranormal romance series.

8.) You were given a box of chocolate what fictional boyfriend/ or girlfriend would’ve given them to you.

book cover for Eternal Mates book 11 - Haunted by the King Of Death by Felicity Heaton

Grave van de Garde has the moniker King of Death because he’s a ruthless vampire who has earned his position of commander of the most feared legion of the Preux Chevaliers. What can I say. I love the bad boys that are damaged but with a heart just waiting to be lit up with love.

9.) You are Single on Valentines Day. What book would you read, what TV show would you watch and what Movie would you watch?

I’ve been married since 1999 to my school sweetheart, so my single days are a long, fuzzy memory now! However, my current choices would be:

  • Book: Chosen
  • TV Show: iZombie
  • Film: America’s Sweethearts

10.) You are in the Book Store. All of a sudden you get shot with an arrow by Cupid. What New Release will you love?

cover for Leveling Up 4 - Magical Midlife Love by K.F. Breene

There aren’t many new releases this month in the genres I read that I’m confident I will LOVE. Although this book 4 is due out on the 23rd Feb.

Spread the “LOVE”!

I’m not tagging anyone, but if you fancy doing this tag let me know so that I can visit and comment on your post.

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Bye for now,

Flora x

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  1. Ah I love this tag – it’s not one I’ve seen before. I know what you mean about the majority of your bookshelf being books no one else has heard of – I’m the same! Great tag!

    1. Lol! Thanks Lindsey, I really enjoyed doing this one. (Glad I’m not the only one with unique book shelves)

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