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Weird Bookish Habits? Me? Of Course!

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Hello, my lovelies,

On one of my many blogosphere travels, I came across the brilliant post on Goldilox and the Three Wares. Jessie a.k.a Rose Red was talking about eight of the reading habits she’s got that she thinks are a bit weird. 😉

Gotta be honest, Jessie, nope, you’re not alone. lol! I’ve copied and pasted her whole post but added my own thoughts too.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

Flora x

Friday, May 17, 2019

Weres Wanna Know: What Are Your Weird Bookish Habits?

I was recently having a conversation about bookish habits with members of my book club and it quickly became apparent that a lot of my personal ones are not very common. So it got me to thinking about some of my weirder bookish habits and I thought it would be a good topic to discuss. And what better way to do that than with a list.

Note on the comics used in this post: They are from the Reading Quirks webcomic and all credit goes to The Wild Detectives and Laura Pacheco. Each comic is hyperlinked to go to their respective Instagram pages.

1. I Go Reread My Favorite Scenes in Books On Bad Days

You all know that I’m a serial rereader. But I have this thing where when I’m having a really bad day I’ll go reread my favorite scenes in my favorite books. Sometimes it results in me rereading most of the book but in the long run I’m okay with that. This is how I battle my bouts of depression and stress and some days I just need the comfort of a familiar world that is not our reality. If you ever get a look at my favorite books on my Kindle, you’ll see a ton of bookmarks and highlights for each book for this exact purpose. I can go directly to the scenes I want to reread. I never realized this wasn’t a common thing.

OK so I don’t just reread scenes but I do reread my favourite books when I need an emotional pick-me-up and I’ve posted about those books often enough on this blog that I won’t do it again here. lol! 😉

2. I Ignore Everything While Reading



Okay. I really thought that this was totally normal bookworm behavior. I ignore everything while I’m reading. I don’t hear my phone ring. I ignore eating and drinking. I’m completely oblivious to everything going on around me. Like I don’t even realize when someone is trying to talk to me while I’m reading. It drives my family crazy because if they try to tell me something while I’m reading I’ll never remember it. I really can’t be the only one who does this, right?

Yes, most definitely! My family get a bit huffy too.

3. I Can Immediately Reread a Book Upon Finishing It

I have a tendency to start rereading a book or series immediately after finishing. It’s usually because I’m not ready to be done with these characters and these worlds so I can’t move on. I will sit and reread a book over and over again and never get tired of it. Case in point: Hello. My name is Rose Red and I have read Red, White, and Royal Blue five times since the middle of April. I used to do this more when I was younger but I still tend to do it quite a bit. Especially this last year, I’ve found myself finishing reading a book to immediately go back and reread my favorite parts or immediately start a reread via audio. I know I’m not the only one who does this but I haven’t heard of very many people who do though.

Umm, no, you might be on your own there, Jessie. 😉 Any of you do this?

4. I’ll Put Series in Order at the Bookstore


I know I can’t be the only one who does this but it bugs me to go into a bookstore and see series out of order on the shelves. My local Barnes & Noble is terrible about this but it’s especially bad in their manga aisle. The manga series are hardly ever in the correct order even though most of them have numbers on their spines. There’s just something about it that drives me crazy. Most of the employees at my local B&N are familiar enough with me and my habit to ask how much of the manga aisle I put to rights while I was there. Come on. Fess up. I’m not the only that does this, right?

Oh yes, me too. My OCD and tidy-fae blood insists. 😉

5. There are Books Everywhere in My House

This is probably more common in the book blogging community than my book club, but I have piles and piles of books in the weirdest places in my house. I tend to keep most of my library on my bookshelves but I’ll have a pile in the living room and on my nightstand. I’ve even kept piles in the bathroom and the kitchen in the past. What can I say? I just like having easy access to books. It’s not unusual for me to roll over and knock a pile of books and manga off the other side of my bed.

Of course, why wouldn’t there be *d’uh*. Although, I’ve got more ebooks than print these days so Hubby getting frustrated with my continual request for more shelving has diminished. (He is rather happy about that.)

6. I’ll Own Multiple Copies of a Book Just to Lend Out


I’m a bit jaded but I don’t want to send my signed books or my hardcovers home with friends just in case they don’t ever give them back or they damage them in some way. So to circumvent that, I’ll pick up used copies or the mass markets of my favorite books to lend out. I’ve even been know to go out and buy the paperbacks of my favorite books specifically for lending out purposes. I store the books to lend out in a box in my closet. I know it sounds weird and paranoid but I have lent out like 15 books in the last year from my lending library that I haven’t gotten back. I just don’t want to chance that happening with the nice versions of my books.

Ooops, I’m not as kind as you, Jessie, I can’t remember the last time I lent anyone a book. I do usually buy different formats for myself though. I like to have signed print copies that I don’t read – hardbacks being my preference because they’re easier to keep nice.
7. I Can’t Put a Book Down Mid-Chapterhttps://www.instagram.com/p/BcFqbDLg9N6/


I know this is more common but I can’t put a book down when I’m in the middle of a chapter. I have to finish it no matter how tired I am. It doesn’t make sense but it’s something I’ve always done.

*phew* I don’t feel as OCD knowing that I’m not alone in this little trait. 😉 Trouble is there are also some sneaking authors out there that also put fantastic hooks at the end of their chapters that force me to keep reading until the end of the next chapter…. and the next…. and the next…

8. I’ll Buy Multiple Copies of a Book All at Once
So… let’s talk about a kind of bad habit I’ve gotten into. I tend to buy multiple copies of books all at once. Let’s take the latest Mercy Thompson book as an example. I bought the hardcover, the ebook, and the audiobook. Hell, I preordered all three of them. Obviously, the hardcover is for more Patricia Briggs collection. The ebook is to read and the audiobook is for rereads. I’ve gotten better about only buying ebooks until I’ve read them and know I want a physical copy for my collection. But with my favorite authors, I tend to buy at least the physical and ebook editions of their books.

I think I’ve already admitted to this when answering No:6. I buy print copies for signing, I prefer reading ebook editions and since signing up to Audible, I will now also buy the narration too.

What about you?

What are your weird bookish habits?

Do we have any in common?

Source: Goldilox and the Three Weres: Weres Wanna Know: What Are Your Weird Bookish Habits?

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  3. Until about thirteen years ago, sometimes I waited till weekend to read, so that I could finish it before sunrise. 🙂

  4. My weird little quirk …. if I get anxious reading a book because of a particular event in the story, I have no qualms about reading the end right then and there to see how things turn out. Lol. I will go back and finish reading but sometimes I just have to know.

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