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What Gets Me In The Mood For Halloween? Day 6: 31 Days of Halloween #Blogtober 2021

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My #Blogtober a.k.a. 🎃 31 Days of Halloween 🎃

Hello, my spooktacular lovelies. As an audiobook blogger who’s passionate about paranormal romance, cosy paranormal mystery and urban fantasy, most of my reviews fit perfectly with this time of year. However, I’ve joined in with #Blogtober this year which is a daily blogging challenge. This means that I’m trying to mix it up with some suitably Halloween-y book tags, memes and discussion posts too this month.

I haven’t ever tried to post every day before but I’ll do my best to keep it interesting.

October is one of my favourite months of the year and I’ve been thinking about what gets me in the mood for Halloween.

For 2000 years people have been celebrating what we know today as Halloween. They would dress up, light bonfires and dance around honouring their ancestors and those who had died that year.

Today the much-loved festival has morphed somewhat.

We celebrate all things spooky and paranormal, go to themed parties and dress up as monsters to frighten our family and friends. We send our children out (dressed in suitable costumes) to knock on doors and collect sweeties from people. But at my age, that all seems a little too energetic. 😘

So, here are some entirely non-energetic options that always help me get in the mood for Halloween.

💀 Seeing All The Halloween Home Decor For Sale 💀

Each year I HAVE to buy something new. Shhh! I doit’s the Halloween law. I love browsing through Etsy and finding something slightly different, unique. My obsession enthusiasm is helping our economy. It feels good to be supporting small businesses and creative souls who are trying to support themselves. I’m busy saving some of my favourite finds this year and will show them off in a post later this month.

🎧 Listening to an audiobook! 🎧

My archives are full of appropriately Halloween-y listens. However, nothing gets me worked up about monsters, magic and the supernatural like Harry Dresden and the gang. I haven’t listened to the whole Dresden Files series yet but my favourite scares so far have come from Grave Peril and Dead Beat.

The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher

The Dresden Files are Jim Butcher’s first published series, telling the story of Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden, Chicago’s first (and only) Wizard P.I.

Note: Each book is its own story with a start and an ending. However, they should be read in order, as each one references previous books heavily.

Books in the Series

Amazon* ¦ Audible*

If I’m wanting something a little less … gritty …. then I plug in one of the Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries. Verity handles every situation with Southern charm and grace. The humour puts a smile on my face, while the ghostly happenings and murderous villains always send goosebumps running up and down my arms.

Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries

The Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries sits comfortably in the ‘cozy mystery’ genre. Although, some of the ghostly scenes feel less than cosy. 😉 This murder mystery series is set in modern America – Sugarland, Tennessee to be exact – and features the town’s residents, both living and deceased. Each book contains a new self-contained mystery for our heroine, Verity, to solve.

Books in the Series

If you haven’t read any of the Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries books yet, it’s never too late to start your adventure. Read my thoughts on each one or buy them for yourself using the links below.

Buy Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries in print, ebook and audio formats.

Amazon* ¦ Audible* ¦ Book Depository*

👻 Binge watching seasonal TV series and films 👻

There are certain films that I love watching at Halloween. OK. I can watch them at any time of the year but they’re most relevant now. I’m going to write a post about my favourite Halloween films that you can read later in the month. Now, you know me, I ere on the side of cosy rather than horrific but every once in a while my menopausal brain needs something a bit bloody and full of explosions or fight scenes. 😘

Taking Part In Halloween Theme Reading Challenges.

I love participating in the challenges that My Vampire Book Obsession group create, their Halloween themed one are awesome! If I’m not in a Halloween-y mood already, I am by the time I’ve spend 5 minutes with fellow MVBO members. Lol! 😂

Thank you for stopping by and reading about what things get me in the mood for Halloween. What about you? Do you decorate your home? Any old favourite reads that you dust off for this time of year? Drop me a comment and share what get you into a Halloween-y mood.

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Before you go, you can keep up to date with all things #Blogtober on my specially created page.

Bye for now,

Flora x

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  2. Love this post. I don’t decorate for Halloween, I used to do a bit when my kids were younger, but not anymore. Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries sounds perfect for Halloween!

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