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Hello, my lovelies. Today, I want to share my thoughts about When He’s An Alpha by Suzanne Wright read by Samantha Cook. The second audiobook in her new paranormal romance series, Olympus Pride.

My thanks to the publisher, Tantor Audio, for the free audiobook in exchange for my candid review.

What’s When He’s An Alpha about?

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When He’s An Alpha (Olympus Pride #2) by Suzanne Wright @TantorAudio #2021AudiobookChallenge @suz_wrightMy Rating:
Title: When He's an Alpha by Suzanne Wright
Series: The Olympus Pride #2
Published by Tantor Audio on 29 June, 2021
Genres: Adult Paranormal Romance, Shifters
Narrator: Samantha Cook
Length: 13 hours 27 minutes
No. of Pages: 14

The golden rule of shallow flings is not to get attached, right? Well, Havana Ramos broke it. Big time. There’s just something about Tate Devereaux that pulls at her. Assertive, compelling, and self-assured, the Alpha cat shifter pushes every one of her best buttons. Like really, really hard. Having overheard an enlightening conversation, she knows he won’t give her more than a fling—something, to be fair, he’d told her well in advance. If she doesn’t want her heart to get bruised, it’s time to end what little they have. It’s not like he’ll care or anything. Except … it turns out that he does.

Newly-appointed Alpha Tate Devereaux is never bothered when women walk away. He can’t exactly blame them, given his distrustful cat’s habit of withdrawing from relationships. But when lone shifter Havana ends their fling, everything within Tate rebels against it—including his cat. Even as she and Tate work together to crush the threat looming over her, Havana holds him at arms’ length. But if she thinks she can end their fling with no real explanation and that he’ll just tip his hat and walk away, she’s forgotten one very important thing—there’s nothing easy about shaking off an Alpha.

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What did I think about When He’s An Alpha?

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A Fun Action-Packed Paranormal Adventure.

Suzanne Wright has become one of my favourite authors since meeting her at RARE19 in London.

You’ll find a growing number of Suzanne’s titles in my archives. I love her writing style, the pace she set for her stories and the gripping plot lines. The characters she creates are complex souls that exhibited all the traits that I crave. Sometimes the villains aren’t as evil as they seem while others have no redeeming attributes. 😉 The multi-species world that Suzanne has created for this, and the other linking series, feels fresh and new, while still being totally credible.

Samantha Cook is still a relatively new-to-me narrator.

I enjoyed the pace at which Samantha read this story and the variations that she used for the different scenes. Samantha’s performance encapsulated Bree, whose personality shone through in the dialogue and the narrative. Her male voices were also distinctive enough that I didn’t get confused as to who was talking. Samantha transported me into the story and brought the characters to life.

While we’re talking about the characters…

Havana exhibited all of the personality traits that I want protagonists to have. She’s intelligent, resilient, resourceful, self-reliant and she definitely has plenty of gumption. I loved the way she handled the situations she was thrown into during this story. Tate is reluctant to form long term attachments. Understandable considering his history, however, he still frustrated the hell out of me at times during this story. However, Suzanne loves catching me off-guard and I was soon cheering him on. Havana’s best friends stole many of the scenes for me – they’re AWESOME! Bailey shifts into a deadly mamba with a crazy streak and Aspen is a red panda (aka bearcat) shifter who looks cute and cuddly but can tear your throat out. The relationship the three women have is wonderful – a true found-family situation – and what a deadly team they make! The antics between Bailey and Aspen had me chuckling out loud lots of time while listening to this audio (much to Hubby’s amusement).

When He’s An Alpha made me feel so many emotions!

I did growl like a wild woman at times in frustration and anger. Shedding a tear or two when things got too awful or damn romantic for words. However, the banter and humour throughout this story meant that I often had a soppy smile on my face or was chuckling out loud. 😉

Content Warning:

This book has sexual scenes, violence, colourful vocabulary and expletives throughout the story. Therefore, I’d only recommend it to adults who are not offended by content of this sort.

When He’s An Alpha was a bloody good audiobook. I’d recommend it to adults who love stories about kickass heroines and the alphas who earn their love. Especially paranormal romance fans who love gritty storylines and psychological thrillers.

Keep reading to find out more about Suzanne Wright. But first, here’s the information about the Olympus Pride series.

Olympus Pride series by Suzanne Wright

If you’ve read the Phoenix Pack or The Mercury Pack Series, you may be familiar with the Olympus Pride. They featured briefly in Echoes of Fire (Madisyn and Bracken’s story) and then again in Untamed Delights (Mila and Dominic’s story). Mila has a twin brother, Alex, from the Olympus Pride. WHEN HE’S DARK is Alex’s story, and I had an absolute ball writing it.

In terms of the timeline, it takes place sometime after the eight-years-later epilogues in Untamed Delights and Shards of Frost. The Phoenix and Mercury characters will feature in the new series–sometimes they’ll have brief cameos, other times they’ll be significant to the storyline somehow.

Books in the Series

Buy any of these in audio, print or ebook from the usual places, including:

Amazon* ¦ Audible* ¦ Book Depository*

And now, as promised, here’s Suzanne’s bio.

About Suzanne Wright

Author - Suzanne Wright

I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t writing something, whether it was stories, poems, or even songs – though I can’t carry a tune. I only have one rule when I’m writing a book which is that it has to have a happy ending. Other than that, pretty much anything goes. I write stories that I would enjoy reading and then I just hope that others will enjoy them too.

I was born and raised in England where I live with my husband (a person who doesn’t judge me for hearing voices in my head – how often do you come across people like that?), and my two demanding children.

As this is a review for an audiobook, it’s only right that I share the narrator’s information too.

About Samantha Cook

Narrator - Samantha Cook

Samantha Cook is a child of two lands: England and America. Her English-born father was a classically trained actor and her mother an American ballet dancer. Samantha embraced the nomadic lifestyle of her parents' world tours, and when she isn't at home in Los Angeles narrating, Samantha is sipping espresso in cafés in the most exotic and seductive cities in the world, from Paris to Rio to Sydney and beyond.

Samantha has narrated romance and erotica audiobooks for several major audio publishers, including Blackstone, Harlequin, Audible, Podium and Insatiable.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my thoughts about When He’s An Alpha. Have you got any of Suzanne’s titles in your library? What about audiobooks read by Samantha Cook? Drop me a comment below so we can chat all things bookish!

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